November 26-December 1: Materials Research Society Fall Meeting in Boston, MA (poster)
Jan 9-14: Joint Mathematics Meeting in San Diego, CA (presentation Jan 12, 8:30 AM, Room 19 in Mezzanine level)
March 5-8: CompleNet in Boston, MA (poster)
June 19-June 30: Girls Talk Math summer camp

I am a fifth year PhD student in applied mathematics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC). I received my Bachelor's in math at Duke University (my graduate and undergraduate institutions have a bit of a rivalry...) In between these endeavors, I taught high school math in music city (Nashville, TN) as a 2011 Teach for America corps member. Prior to all of that, I spent my youngest years in an old log cabin on a dirt road outside of Greensboro, NC.

My research is in the application of network analysis and other mathematical/statistical approaches to modeling the mechanical properties of polymer composites. Specifically, I'm most interested in how the topology and geometry of the stiffening phase influence the strength/stiffness of the material. (...Research)

Some things of mine are on GitHub (hoping to add more following a few publications coming soon).

I am also a curriculum developer for the awesome project Girls Talk Math, a free summer camp for area high school girls looking to learn more about mathematics research topics .

In a slightly less scientific endeavor, I'm working on developing some amateur carpentry experience. Outside of building a picnic table (a) and some small furniture things, I'm currently trying to use an old door to build a magazine holder for all the old New Yorkers that i might come back to finish reading some day; and find something to make with all the bamboo in my yard (b). But finding time in year five of PhD school is tricky... 

I also love running, nature, coffee, pancakes, etc., the beach, economics, and this weirdo: 

Office: Phillips 362