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This page is not endorsed in any way by the company Samsung but is the work of a happy buyer of the YP-T9

The Samsung YP-T9 (a.k.a. Yepp T9) is a portable Multimedia player series that is competing with the iPod nano. It has several extras compared to the iPod nano

  • Plays videos
  • Cheaper!!
  • Smaller
  • Larger Display
  • A radio tuner with recording possibility (up to MP3 196kbps)
  • A Voice Recorder
  • Supports OGG Vorbis audio files (Great for Linux lovers)
  • Any file browser on any operating system (so also Linux FreeBSD etc.) can be used to add, delete, rename or play files, because it shows up as a seperate drive due to USB Mass Storage support (NOTE this only works if you have firmware version 1.60 installed)



General Features

Specific Features


For more info I suggest you take a look at the manual (2MB) of the YP-T9

Available Models

  • YP-T9B series: basically the same as the YP-T9J series but it sports a Bluetooth interfaces so you can use a wireless bluetooth headphone


Power Adapters

Cases etc.

Car mounting

Upgrading Firmware

Latest firmware of the YP-T9 is version 1.60. You can find the firmware version of your YP-T9 by going to Settings -> System -> Firmware Version

It adds the following compared to the 1.27 firmware with which the T9 is sold currently

See also the forum discussion about the 1.60 firmware

Install new Firmware

  • Download (7MB)
  • Unzip
  • Copy the two extracted files in to the root of the YP-T9 If that does not work try copying them in the Data folder. The YP-T9 you should normally see as an icon when you open "My Computer" on Windows.
  • Disconnect the T9
  • Power on the T9. The firmware will be automatically upgraded


Making Videos for the YP-T9

The videos on the YP-T9 have to be in Xvid files with a maximum frame rate of 15 frames per second. Furthermore they have to be in the proprietary Samsung SVI format. The included Samsung Media Studio automatically converts videos to this format.

How to make SVI videos yourself (on Linux)

SVI files are actually renamed AVI files with some special metadata in the header. Among others the text YP-T9 is present in the header. If you change that text to something else the T9 will refuse to play the content. Sofar I don't know of software (like for example ffmpeg, mencoder or gstreamer) which can write these tags.

Tagging your MP3's correctly

A free open source tool for Windows that I have to work well is MP3 Tag Tools

Feature request for Samsung Engineers

  • Make the T9 play normal XVid encoded AVI files. So remove the check for the metadata and the extension
  • Do an automatic update of the T9 library when the T9 gets disconnected when using UMS mode


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