Hi sam..

Hi dude.. The jersey is so great.. Love it so muchh.. Dont worry  I will promote it to my friend since it really nice. But you have to give some discount lah.. See you.




Hi there, bro! 

Just wanna inform you that I've received the items yesterday (4 July 2006). Hehe. Super-satisfied with the goods... Surely not my last order from you guys.... Btw, my prediction is on course..... It will be a France-Italy final.... Germany were never gonna make the final, cos' they lack quality..... They got to the semis by sheer luck.... Never have been a fan of Germany and never will be.... Hehe... Thanx again... Have a nice day!

Ting Chiong Ping


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Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 18:17:53 +0800

Chay < wrote:

Thanks Sam, I will let you know when we will be coming down to collect it…Thanks for the smooth transaction and the positive feedback, see you soon.





Suhardi from labuan wrote:


 ni order form..tolong check stock....kalu dah confirm mungkin kami bank-in duit pada hari jumaat ni...Anyway.. thanks... atas kerjasama anda suma k...all the best...Terima kasih.wassalam.                        

Suhardie & Ridwan



Eliana from Cheras:

just dropped by at your showroom today and bought myself a brazil jersey. cant believe i actually fell for your suggestion of buying one of your XL sized jerseys to be worn as my night dress. perhaps i should wear it during the matches nights. lol.
honestly, im not an avid fan of world cup nor even plain football, but as i surfed the net couple of nights back, i stumbled upon your page and as soon as i looked on what u have in your website, the idea of getting myself a fifa jersey suddenly struck my mind. undoubtedly, i do search for other jerseys from other sellers, but i find your stuff way more reasonable. (AA grade jersey for rm40 during world cup fever? not bad!!)
 so there i was, driving all the way from cheras to usj1, just to get my very own jersey cum night dress!! very friendly shop supervisor + wonderful product= , what else do u need for a good business? keep up the good job and products. nice dealing with u. i'd definitely recommend your store to my friends. thanks a lot for making my day!
MR FAIZ  from KL:
thanx a lot for the discount... and the jerseys have safely arrived, worn etc etc  maklum la world cup fever....
 so again, jutaan terima kasih for your excellent service.. insyaallah kita akan berurusan lagi in the future... semoga business semakin maju dan hebat!!
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