Comprehensive assessments

 Testing can be one of the most efficient ways for people to gain an understanding of themselves or their child.  In fact, it can give you the level of knowledge that can otherwise take years to learn. 

Getting an accurate understanding of yourself is the best way to know how to solve difficulties or problems. Sometimes people are feeling "stuck" in their current psychotherapy. Having an evaluation can help both a client and a therapist move forward in the treatment.

When looking for a professional to conduct an evaluation, it is difficult to figure out who would be the best match.  Prices and services vary considerably among different professionals. Usually, it is not until the evaluation is completed, that you know if you hired the right person!  To ensure my through and careful approach would best fit you, I regularly meet for an initial assessment appointment, and then let you know what my recommendations are and what you should expect to gain from the tests. 

I seek to answer your questions about yourself or your child accurately, integrating the testing data thoroughly, and tailoring the reports to meet your specific needs.  Practical treatment recommendations are written in a clear and comprehensive way that is understandable to parents, teachers, physicians, and counselors. 

In addition, I provide a comfortable and fun testing environment.  Many children want to keep coming back even when the testing is over.

When the evaluation is done, you will get a feedback session and a written report that you may give to your current therapist or school, if you wish.

My areas of assessment expertise are:                                            

  • ADHD Evaluations.
  • to enhance current therapy by gaining a better understanding of yourself.
  • personality assessment: to learn more about your personality patterns, emotional strengths/weakness, and patterns of behavior in your relationships. This can also enhance individual or couples therapy, or help you gain insight into your life.
  • gastric bypass surgery and lap-band procedure evals.  
  • readiness for fertility treatments (IVF, etc).
  • gifted and other psychoeducational evaluations to help students.  These can identify unseen strengths and weaknesses, provide specific and practical solutions or enhancements, and even add in a doctor's recommendation to schools or standardized testing (LSAT, GMAT, SAT, etc.) for additional time for tests, more advanced learning, or other helpful measures.
  • other mental health concerns (depression, anxiety, serious mental illness, in both children and adults).