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Particle-Size Toolbox

The Particle-Size Toolbox (PST) is a numerical toolbox designed to robustly analyse spatial particle-size data.

How does it work?
  • Treating percentage-frequency data as compositions means that statistical analysis is best done using Aitchisons's log-ratio approach. This is a simple transformation that removes issues associated with the non-negative, constant-sum properties of particle-size distributions.

The PST has three main modules:
  • integrate   - convert and calibrate particle-size data from different sources into a single uniform format
  • analyse      - log-ratio analysis particle-size data 
  • interpolate  - spatial interpolation of particle-size data in n-dimensions

Go to the PST web-wiki to find out how to download and run the PST to analyse your data.

The latest release of the Particle-Size Toolbox can also be downloaded here.

Functions for plotting compositional data can be downloaded here. Note that these are still beta functions so may be buggy!

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