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City College of San Francisco School of Business is one of the largest schools in the college and includes the Business Department, the California Real Estate Education Center, the Culinary Arts and Hospitality Studies Program, the Fashion Department, and the San Francisco Small Business Development Center.

The Supervision and Management certificate program is designed for people interested in becoming supervisors or managers, all aspects of management are examined from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Classes are taught by certified instructors with recent experience in management.

See the course descriptions for more information.

Supervision Certificate of Accomplishment

The credit Supervision Certificate of Accomplishment is for individuals who desire to advance to supervisory positions as well as those who are currently employed as supervisors and desire to upgrade their supervisory skills.

The program consists of five classes of 3 units each for a total of 15 units. Please see curriculum for the complete certificate. All credits earned in the certificate may be applied toward satisfaction of the requirement for graduation from the college.

Supervision and Management Jobs in the Bay Area

Once you have completed the program, you are qualified for a variety of positions. Please refer to the Occupational Outlook Handbook or Supervision and Management FAQs for job prospects and salary information.

Supervision and Management Courses

Classes are offered in the day and evening and are located at the Ocean Campus and Downtown Campus. Please see the class schedule for current semester schedule.

Why is Supervision Management Important?

Supervision is an essential part of the management process. It refers to the direct and immediate guidance and control of subordinates in the performance of their work. It helps to put plans into action towards the accomplishment of organizations' goals.

  • It ensures the continuity of work operation.
  • It manages staff and their performance.
  • It ensures quality of products, elimination of wastes, and steady flow of output according to plans.
  • It ensures the utilization of resources in the best interest of the organization.
  • It guarantees the proper functioning of the work­ units.
The success of an organization depends heavily upon effective supervision. Companies now-a-day look for supervisors who have these leadership skills and are experienced in dealing with people.

Given the challenges facing today’s workforce, it is important to not only learn but understand key concepts, skills and knowledge for success. The Business Supervision / Management curriculum is designed not only to prepare students for entry level positions in supervision/ management but also prepare current leads, first line supervisors, and middle managers for promotion to higher-level positions in business, industry, and/or government.


City College of San Francisco offers a challenging and rewarding supervision and business management curriculum focused on educating today’s leader. 

Career Opportunities

Our Supervision and Business Management program provides the education and foundation needed to develop critical skills in today’s demanding environment.  Our goal is to get you the experience, tools and techniques to enable you to manage effective teams, drive innovations, and enhance organizational capabilities through innovations and profits as well as solving problems.

The program prepares students for positions in business or government, and addresses the necessary skills along with hands-on tools and techniques to meet the challenges of today’s working environment.  The program also offers an opportunity for the more experienced persons to upgrade and enhance their supervisory and business management skills so that they can become better managers and manage people and projects effectively.


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