I am a Master's student in Computer Engineering at Rutgers University. My research interests are Parallel and Distributed Programming, Software Engineering, Web based programming and anything related to programming in general.Currently I am pursuing my research in Cloud Computing concentrating on  data intensive computing.

    Prior to coming to Rutgers I was a software engineer at Delphi Automotive systems, Bangalore India. My work there involved developing embedded software for Automotive Multimedia Systems (Eg; designing HMI for Car radios, Programming Digital Signal Processors,drivers for  Audio amplifiers etc). It was very good learning for me in Delphi. I got hands on experience not only in Software Systems development but also in general Software Engineering principles. I had the opportunity to go through an entire Software Developement lifecycle.

    I am  currently working on a Map Reduce framework called as Hadoop which is written in Java. It is an open source parallel computing framework designed for computations that involves large amount of data (a few petabytes of data ) . Map reduce programming paradigm was initially introduced by Google Research. The Paper MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters"  published by Google Research Publications gives a very good idea about MapReduce. Inspired by this paper, Hadoop was developed under Apache license. Today Yahoo! is one of the major contributors for Hadoop. 

    You can reach me by clicking here