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FAQ and Fee Info

Its very normal to have a lot of questions. Here are some of the most common.
  • How do I choose the right counselor for me?
  • What is a first session like?
  • How do I know if I need counseling?
  • What are you like?
  • How much does counseling cost?
  • What type of therapy do you offer?

A: When looking for a counselor, the most important thing is "goodness of fit".  This means, above all else, do you feel that you can connect with this person?  Do you feel you can be yourself around them? Do you feel you can trust them?  This isn't something you can always know quickly over the phone, which is why I recommend you make an appointment to meet with me in person. I welcome client "interview" appointments for those who are shopping around. You could also read about me, and see if you feel I might be a fit for you!

A: If you're new to counseling, it's very common to be curious about what to expect. Some new clients feel nervous or hesitant. This is all very normal! At your first session you can expect to fill out some basic paperwork. I will take the time to answer any questions you may have- please feel free to ask anything! My first priority, is to use that time to hear your story, or what made you call in the first place. You've taken a long road into my office, and I'm trying to take it all in as quickly as possible. I like to hit the ground running... and begin delving into the real stuff as soon as you are ready. Above all, it will be a chance for us both to get to know each other, and to see if this is a possible "good fit". 

A: This is a very common, and yet difficult question to answer without meeting someone. A few things you can ask yourself- Am I living the life I want to live? Are my relationships with friends and family honest and fulfilling? Do I feel like I know who I am and what I want? Am I satisfied with my life? Is anything keeping me from enjoying my life more fully? Do I feel stuck? Do I feel in control of my choices and actions? Do I continue to do things that are destructive to me or those around me? Do I feel perplexed by my own emotions?

A: Of course, a website can only tell you so much... but I've done my best. Please see my section About Me to get an idea.

A: Each counseling session is a 50 minute hour, and the fee is $120 a session. I do offer insurance reimbursement billing, if you prefer. As part of my effort to give back, I offer a limited number of low fee spots based on income. All low fee spots are currently filled, but I do keep a waiting list. Please contact me for more information. If you are looking for immediate low cost counseling, I recommend The Place Within (where I did my internship long ago).

A: I am not a believer in "one-size-fits-all" therapy. Just like a mechanic, the tool you choose depends on the job you want to do. I have seen just about every kind of client, but consider the following my "areas of expertise"- trauma, grief, marriage/couples counseling, parenting, adolescent counseling, anger, depression, co-parenting, divorce, and anxiety.