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Do you believe we are more capable than we know?
I do now!

After successfully using hypnosis for pain management, my mind was blown! Hypnosis can really work! People can really experience freedom from pain, anxiety, discomfort, bad habits... the list goes on. I would have never believed it if I had not experienced it for myself. But I couldn't deny the results I was experiencing! I have been seeing clients since 2005 as a licensed therapist, but when I realized the unlocked potential here, I had to add Therapeutic Hypnosis to my toolbox.

Beginning in 2014, I started offering Therapeutic Hypnosis in my office for clients. Please read below for more information!

What is Therapeutic Hypnosis?
Therapeutic Hypnosis is a very specific clinical tool used to help clients see improvement quickly! By using deep relaxation, the anxious mind is able to better absorb and make use of therapy material.

Who can offer Therapeutic Hypnosis?
There is some confusion in the arena of Hypnosis. You may have seen stage performers practicing "hypnosis" to compel others to quack like a duck! Or maybe you've seen others put out signs saying "Hypnotherapy". The truth is, anyone can say they offer hypnosis or hypnotherapy. It is not a protected word. Shoot, tomorrow YOU could put out a sign offering hypnotherapy if you like! (I don't recommend it!) So how can a consumer make sure they are really making use of truly beneficial and genuine Therapeutic Hypnosis? By doing a little research- into the education, training, and experience of the person offering. If you don't have fullly transparent access to the training and background of a clinician- run! Your mind and your mental health are probably the most important asset you possess. Trust it to those who have expertise.

My personal bias is that you should seek to receive Therapeutic Hypnosis from those who belong to the American Society For Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) Why? Because this is the only organization that limits membership to those with advanced degrees (Master's Degree and above) and mental health care licenses as well as extensive approved hypnosis training. It is the highest standard for Hypnosis in mental health.

Does it really work?
In a word Yes! Hypnosis in a therapy setting is useful for a variety of "stuck" symptoms- like anxiety, fixation, "stuck points" and even relationship issues. Everyone has a range of hypnotic ability, so everyone's results will vary- but hypnosis is undoubtedly a useful tool for anyone. It unlocks your own mental ability to improve your situation. Unlike other therapies, where the tools and skills are left at the therapists office, hypnosis goes with you and you are able to continue to build on each step made.

How were you trained?
You can read more about my educational background here. In addition to hypnosis training I received during Graduate School, I invested time and money to take a 100 hour intensive course with Dr. Michael Yapko. You can see Dr Yapko's C.V. here. Why did I pick this training? First, because it is one of the few comprehensive ASCH approved trainings. Second, because Dr Yapko has been training others in hypnosis for over three decades and is an undisputed expert in the application of hypnosis to therapeutic settings. The chance to train for almost a month, in a small class (size 23 students) was an amazing opportunity in itself! And the learning I got from it was incredible.

I've decided to try Hypnosis, what can I expect?
Hypnosis feels differently for everyone. Some experience it as a deep physical relaxation, while others simply enjoy the mental break. In any case, it is a time period of restfulness for your mind and body- a chance to enjoy some peace while you let your mind work for you.

Something I offer clients is an audiofile of their hypnosis session. They may download it and listen again and again at their convenience. Many people report that repeating the experience improves it- experiencing better results each time! If you wish to make use of this tool, please inform me at the beginning of your session. A small administrative fee will be added ($5) to cover expense.

But Isn't Hypnosis Spooky/Scary/Strange?
I encourage you to forget stage hypnosis or ghost stories. Therapeutic hypnosis has been in use since the 1800s with fabulous results. It isn't scary, spooky, or anything else! You retain full control over your body and mind through the entire process. Hypnosis is a cooperative effort between client and therapist. At any point in the process you could: sit up, talk back, end the session or anything else. Again, you retain full control over the experience. Most clients report being fully alert and even aware of the fact that they could open their eyes, sit up, end the experience at any time- but they simply don't want to! They enjoy the deep relaxation, and positive messages. They want to experience the benefit- so they do!

Who Benefits Most from Hypnosis?
Everyone has different degrees of hypnotic ability. Those who are imaginative, or who have experience or background in meditation, yoga, relaxation exercises will find that hypnosis comes quickly and naturally from the beginning. Those who don't fit that category, will be surprised at how quickly they learn! The experience of the hypnosis session varies by person. All report feeling rested and refreshed, but the degree of relaxation can vary. However, the real purpose of hypnosis is not simply to be hypnotized! The real purpose is to improve your life! And the good news- whether you are a "hypnotic virtuoso" or a completely "newbie"- the degree to which it impacts your life can be the same! 

Who should not try Hypnosis?
Simply put, anyone can benefit from hypnosis with very little risk (when done correctly). So the only clients who ought not to try hypnosis are the ones who don't want to! 

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