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State your Research Question here
Which data were used to answer your research question. Include data tables, graphs, images, etc. that support the story you are trying to tell.

 Site                 Soil PH     Tree Species
Table 1. Comparison of soil PH and tree species across three research plots in the Bartlett Experimental Forest.

Image 1. Soil core from A1 show the soil horizon pattern and depths (Photograph courtesy of Jonathan Bromley).

Discuss your research findings in light of the data we collected and analyzed.  

Consider these questions as a guide to your discussion:
  • What do the data indicate about the site? 
  • How do the datasets relate to each other?  
  • Are there any notable patterns in the data?
  • What conclusions can you draw based on the available data?  
  • Is our data supported/refuted by the data and research of other scientists or scientific groups?  
  • What conclusions can you draw in regard to your research question?

Use in-text citations to discuss your data.

Keep in mind that your webpage should be reader friendly, but not unscientific.  Spacing, style, amount of text, understandable language, proofreading, as well as the required elements will all be essential to helping your peers understand your research.
Works Cited
Each project should include a works cited section (APA style) that makes reference to all of the literature resources that are cited in the data and discussion sections.

Research questions that are strictly based on literature research in order to understand the meaning of our data should include at least 3 references.