The question..."Why?"                                                                                  

The first question that comes to everybody's mind is, "Why?"   Why swim, bike or run for hundreds of miles for days at a time?  Sam's reply is simple, "Rather than ask me why, you should ask yourself why your not doing it."   


  • Sam attempts a run  raise money to help support local soldiers (click here)
  • Sam is registered for the Viaduct 200 Mile Ultra Marathon!  Check back for "The Road to the Viaduct 200" - contains details on workouts and progress leading up to the Viaduct 200 mile ultra marathon.
  • October 9th  -  Sam completes the Virginia Double Ironman for the second time. 
  • August 7th  -  Sam traveled to PA to compete in The Viaduct 100 mile trail run.  Sam placed second overall with a time of 20 hours and 49 minutes. 

***Chris Roman is the first person to run the entire length of the Erie Canal!***

 Featured Video:     The 2010 Virginia Triple Ironman                                               

Sam lands the packaging for the
IRONMAN muscle pain relief line.  The picture below is the can wrapper for the Ironman muscle spray.


Sam in the May 2010 issue of 
Men's Fitness doing a full page ad for Rohto Eye Drops.  Sam was also a brand ambassador for Rohto for 2010.