Born and raised in Lockport, New York, Sam Pasceri began his athletic career in the pool at the local YMCA.  He swam until he graduated high school and then decided to head in a different direction.  In 2000, Sam picked up a pair of running shoes and raced in a few local 5Ks.  He gradually increased his mileage for about two years until his triathlon debut in 2002. He competed in local sprint triathlons until 2005 when he entered his first Ironman.

After competing in five (5) Ironman competitions, Sam was still not satisfied.  This time, he took on ultra distance racing. He ran a few 50K Ultra Marathons and in October 2008 he completed his first Double Iron Triathlon (34 hours 48 minutes).

After completing the Double Iron Triathlon, Sam was asked if he still felt the need for more. He replied with a grin, “Did you know that there's a Triple Iron Triathlon?”

In the meantime, check out the site and feel free to drop him a line if you have any questions!