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In the photo ,  the shooting of the film "Blockade" (Lenfilm, 1976). In the picture 
- a group of fascists captured Red Army soldiers. To fascists, as usual, to helping 
the fascist abettors.  Left with a gun - Arkady Rotenberg. As Rotenberg got on set? 
- As a stuntman. At Lenfilm frequent fights and filmed battle scenes with the help of 
athletes - wrestlers, boxers, etc. Coach Rothenberg Putin and anti - Leonid Usvyatsov -
 had a good dating at Lenfilm, that kid gave part time. Incidentally, the "captive" 
Rotenberg with the Nazis took Duma deputy Vasily Shestakov (it's one section of Judo).

The photo below made March 26, 2014, Academician Viktor Matveyev, 
director of nuclear center in Dubna (JINR so-called), Ho is obsequious smile,
 sign a cooperation agreement with 28-year-old girl,

 who like "a talented 
mathematician" from the Moscow State University, "author" several 
scientific articles and director of the private fund with billions of money of 
unknown origin.

There was a boy in St. Petersburg Little Johnny. 
Mother - a cleaner, his father - the watchman, a room of 
20 meters with no communal bathroom. As is common 
among the proletarians, children raised by street. 
Gangster yard, port, scuffle. From the early years of the
 struggle for survival in the Soviet social bottom: sambo, 
judo, so as not to hit (and to beat yourself), the dream of the KGB 
(to go to the people), 
jealousy and hatred of classmates - children a rich and
 educated parents.

During the years of service to the Fatherland Vladimir
 Putin has made 
a lot of great deeds and exploits for the benefit of
 Russia. And I do 
not know how much more committed. Such people 
are born once in 100 years.
 And still ... Still, I would like to highlight something 
important that will go
 down in the history books in the first place. 
Having looked through the pages 
of an early biography of our hero, I selected the top
 5 greatest of his works, which 
everyone should know.


Many in the West, watching the Russian, spend a huge lot of timelearning 
what the Russian government said. 
With a well-funded network of media, as well as using social networks with
 manual control, the Russian government 
is capable of producing a large number of verbal verbiage content, collecting 
a lot of eyeballs in front of the monitor
 very quickly.

This year we celebrate 15 years of (Putin in power)  Putinism in Russia.
Have fun, sanctions, war, the collapse of the ruble and the economy.
 A Putinism began in late 1999 when Yeltsin and Berezovsky in a desperate 
attempt to save his ass pushed "heir" – Chekist  (officer KGB)  nicknamed
 "mole." This nickname stayed with him for a long time, even in the Leningrad 
KGB. "Moth - a small insect species Lepidoptera, leading a secretive nocturnal
 and crepuscular.

"I can not afford to buy yourself to eat"
The government as always, suddenly found that in some
regions, people are literally starving. They do not 
have money to buy food. For example, in Novosibirsk  not pay 
wages in many enterprises. As compatriots survive for months 
without receiving wages? 

Earlier, this was famous Latin-American dictatorship. Papa Duvalier 
("Papa Doc") carried the drugs in the United States, and the money 
kept in Haiti "Tonton Macoutes" (Kadyrov's soldiers), which kill
 opponents of the regime and fronting business. Papa Doc also helped
 the mafia to legalize revenue: earn money in the United States on 
drugs, and shows how the revenues from the casino in Haiti, etc.


In the photo below - Petersburg, September 27th, 2004 Funeral Tsepov Roma 
crime boss (Bailenson), nicknamed "Roma-producer." The photo was attached to
the materials of the court on the case ofLitvinenko as proof of Putin's ties
 with the mafia. Notable were the funeral, yes. Prince Vladimir Cathedral, 
where the funeral was going, 
was cordoned off. One by one foreign car drove distinguished guests. When 
the body is buried in the cemetery were fireworks - a platoon of riot police 
fired a volley blanks.

Poverty and poverty - a new trend "stable" Russia!

At the present time in Russia below the breadline live almost 16 million people (according to the bureaucracy),

and this number will grow due to inflation and other developments in the country processes.

This was stated by Vice Prime Minister Olga Golodets at the meeting of the coordinating Council in the Kremlin,

where he discussed the national strategy of actions in interests of children.

 "Most are families with children", - said Olga Golodets. In the high-risk area in this regard, she took, first of all,

mothers caring for children under three years old, and also moms who do not work "for objective reasons"

(quoted by "Interfax").

"Russian - what are they?" - The views of the Chinese.

According to the Chinese, the Russian people because of the long period of the life of a slave is not democratic traditions, but there is a desire for extreme individualism. And the Russian is so contradictory that when his individualism at the same time they are different and servility. "Russian always oscillate between these two extremes. Having freedom, they do not know borders, ready to destroy everything. "

- "Achievements ... Russia has always been associated with foreigners. As soon as the Russian themselves pitched in, so everything was falling apart quickly. The reason was their inability to self-control, a management. Russia has always bowed to the West "- the Russian people no matter what is not capable of excluding foreigners;

- Russian - patient people, they are not able to protest, and if they protest, the soft and small. As an example, life under Yeltsin: "Under Yeltsin, the standard of living of ordinary people has fallen dramatically, theirs robbed and cheated, as they could, but only a few people murmur.

Putin is a pedophile and psychopath killer.


Russian President Vladimir Putin talked informally with the tourists, 

visiting the Kremlin.

The first ton of cocaine of Putin

In 1995, Lesha-Tarzan came to St. Petersburg for a reason, and with a special mission. Back in 1993, he helped the Medellin cartel buy six Russian Mi-8 helicopters. Now the boys from the other Colombian cartel ('Kali') want to buy in the Russian ... submarine, to carry cocaine.

Actually a mini-submarine for drug trafficking ("narco-subs") appeared in the early 1990s. But they were taken on board small cargo and often could not sink completely (small cutting remained above the water). In short, the Colombian customers want to buy something more serious. Team captain and expects to hire at the site of the Russian retirees.

With these exciting plans Lech-Tarzan and came to Peter. Greeted as a Mother.  First, decide on the shrimp. Misha Brava Authority reported that in Tambov Peter gave cocaine to dealers at the rate of 60,000 dollars per kilogram. Therefore, Michael was ready to take him at Tarzan to 30 thousand Lech was happy:. He took it by 4000. However, with shipment in Colombia or Ecuador, where the white powder was still necessary to take and forward to the other end of the world.

Then we moved on to submarines. Misha said, that you can buy them in Kronstadt where Tambov had their people. Let's go to Kronstadt to look goods.

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