The Structure And Motion of Matter (SAMM) Survey

© 2010 Marilyne Stains and Hannah Sevian 

The SAMM survey is a 15-min, open-ended survey that evaluates students' implicit assumptions about the structure of solute and solvent substances in a gas solution, the origin of motion of the gaseous solute particles, and their trajectories.

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Science educators who wish to use the Structure And Motion of Matter (SAMM) survey © 2010 by Marilyne Stains and Hannah Sevian, for research and teaching have permission to do so if they acknowledge the authors, cite the references below, and comply with the fair use of this copyrighted and registered work. This permission extends to the user manual for the scoring scheme and the programmed ExcelÒ scoring scheme. In any use of the SAMM, its versions, and its translations to other languages (see below), permission is contingent upon acknowledgement of the SAMM authors and citation of the following references which provide information on the SAMM administration, scoring, reliability, validity, and findings related to its administration.

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Access to Materials:
The SAMM survey, associated scoring scheme, and the user manual for the scoring scheme can be found at the bottom of this webpage. 

  • Stains, M., Escriu-Sune, M., Molina Alvarez, M. L., and Sevian, H. (2010). Assessing Secondary and College Students’ Understanding of the Particulate Nature of Matter: Development and Validation of the Structure and Motion of Matter (SAMM) Survey. Journal of Chemical Education. Accepted

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