Walkthrough - What you need to know

Before you get down to "hacking", cheating or abusing the Sam Learning system (https://www.samlearning.com/) you must know the basics of the system..
After a few days of researching I have come to a conclusion of this. These are the limits on the site, if you intend to "hack" then this will not affect you but if your cheating it will..

  1. There is a 30 exercise limit for revision exercises per day. If you get 100% on all of the 30 you will get around 6,000 - 7,000 points daily..
  2. Each exercise can only be completed three times a day. (refresh the page to do this)
  3. You do not get points for exam papers.
  4. You can potentially get a maximum of 10,000 points a day
  5. Sam learning's time count is unstable. If you cheat for 10 minutes it will show up a time of 10 hours
These are the tips I will give you...
  1. 1 page exercises can be found at "GCSE/Media Studies/ production OR Analysis", they are easy to complete and takes maximum of 10 seconds on each one..
  2. refresh and do each and every exercise in "production" and "analysis" 3 times, this will get you over 6,000 points a day and make you reach your limit.
  3. You can additionally search and do the "revision +" exercises for additional points and hours since they are not classed as "revision exercises" hence are not affected by the limit 30 exercise limit per day.
With this information you should be able to get 6,000 - 10,000 points a day within 30 minutes of effort. Your hours will also be increased by over 10.