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Hey all you pplz out there. 

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This site doesn't have much stuff on it as it was under construction.
However, it will probably never be finished.

I currently have a website (of sorts) at - I already use the address and if you're lucky it might happen to be on when you try it. However, my server is still under testing, development, etc. and only tends to be on when I'm working on it or need it on for some reason. And of course, when the server is off the website disappears (until I turn it back on again).

I plan to have my server online full-time anytime soon, probably late April 2008.

Eventually I plan to permanently migrate to, probably around late November or December 2008. 

In the meantime, I am working on several websites.
Click here for links and progress reports.
And if you know me personally, look my name up on MySpace.
Just go to Search > Find a Friend > Name.

Oh, and check these sites out!