<Sam Imanieh> (Former name: Mahammad.H)

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Sam Imanieh
Research Fellow at University of Toledo

College of engineering
Chem/Enviro Engineering
Mail stop 303
2801 W.bancroft St.
Toledo, OH 43606
Researcher ID: D-6491-2014

IMANIEH obtained a PhD in Materials Science from the University of Science and Technology at Tehran-IRAN in 2012 ( at the age of 30). During his stay at University of Toledo, he is working as a postdoctoral research fellow in the department of chemical and environmental engineering; where he is involved in the synthesis, processing, development and characterization of glass formulations as seal materials for fuel cells. His research is focused on Stable Glass-Ceramic Nano-composites a Compliant Seals for SOFCs. Dr. Imanieh has several years of experience in the glass and glass ceramic area. Much of his work has been devoted toward bringing innovative glass ceramics materials such as X-ray sensitive glasses and up-conversion oxyfluoride glasses. He has authored 11 journal papers, 10 conference proceeding papers and holds and 1 Iranian patents. According to his PhD thesis, the efficiency of up convertor glass ceramics improved and by finding the effect of the base glass composition in the up-conversion properties of the oxyfluoride glass ceramics new doors have opened for further investigations. His thesis also presents a new novel crystal for the up-conversion process. According to his PhD thesis 5 ISI article were published, where 2 of them was in the high prestige journal of American ceramic society.