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Samerron Online is the cyber-portal of Samerron related  web published material.


> Twitter

. Samerron 
My personal twitter account.

. SS_Career
My twitter account revolving around career, productivity, lifehacks, business, and everything related to the world of capitalism.

> Intellectual Sharing Body Group

. ISB Forum
Intellectual Sharing Body (ISB) is a group of individuals with different thoughts, ideas and views, who meet, share and discuss information, knowledge and ideas for our broader understanding of the world we live in and our personal intellectual growth. The forum is initiated to create the medium for sharing and discussion. It is open to all.
. Lighthouse
The Corner of Collaborative Growth (aka ISB Lighthouse) is a place for individuals that eagerly want to learn more about different topics and subjects in our world (politics, economics, science, religion, philosophy,...etc.) Our basic activity is simply reading (Articles, Books) in a collaborative manner. 
The collaboration and collective work makes our experience more interesting and interactive; every person can apprehend things differently and has a different perspective to offer, leading to a richer discussion, and reaching conclusions on the individual and collective levels.
. Samerron Articles Portal
A collection of interesting articles that I have found worth while browzing the web. The articles are categorized according to my inspection. If you have interesting articles, feel free to share.

> Samerron Online Bookmarks (on
Delicious(wiki) is a social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks. Check out my account for list of my bookmarks.


> Samerron & Books
This blog is solely made to pertain posts about books and my personal review on the books I read and worth mentioning. In addition, the blog will have posts that
are about me, my thoughts and my life in relation to books.


> Samerron Pictures of the Week

This is a weekly mailing list group, in which I share various aesthetic pictures and photos. The mailing list is worth trying. To be part of it, send me an email to the address presented at the bottom of the page.

> Collaborative Expertise Community

Coming soon...

To contact me:  samerron [at] gmail . com

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