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As a general principle, our SA meetings are only open to those who want to stop their sexually self destructive thinking and behavior. This is in line with our third tradition which states, 'The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop lusting and become sexually sober.'
  • Newcomers are welcome at all meetings.
  • All meetings are mixed (men/women) unless otherwise noted
  • All meetings are closed meetings (open to sexaholics only to help protect the membership from the curious and insincere) unless otherwise noted
Many meetings have a dress code; until you learn otherwise, please do not wear shorts, tank tops, or other tight-fitting or revealing clothing that may trigger others.

In many cases meetings are held in churchs other locations owned by a third party. However, according to SA tradition, all groups are fully autonomous and are not allied with any denomination, religious group, or hold any other outside affiliation.

In keeping with our fourth tradition, 'Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or A.A. as a whole,' we allow each SA group to decide whether or not to make their meeting location details public. Meetings that have chosen to be listed publicly are listed with a 'PL' after the meeting location; if you click on the meeting location the calendar will show you detailed information for that meeting 

For all other meetings, we only give out the exact meeting locations to those seeking their own personal sexual sobriety. Please call (410)558-4510 (Baltimore Area) or (703)866-6929 (DC Area and Northern Virginia) and leave your name, number, and a time when you can be reached in person. An SA member will contact you discreetly to ask you some questions and direct you to a meeting. 

** NOTE ** you can find information on Baltimore area SA meetings at

S.A. Meetings in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia

All meetings are closed ("those seeking their own sexual sobriety") unless otherwise noted.
  • "PL" denotes a publicly listed meeting
  • "OP" denotes an OPEN meeting
  • "MO" denotes a Men's Only Meeting
  • "WO" denotes a Women's Only Meeting
  • "TC" denotes a meeting with a teleconference option
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