Blackinton's Funeral

When Blackinton reached his time, there were a lot of people who were very upset. He gave jobs to a lot of them, but was also a friend and pretty much family to most of them. Beneath there are two newspaper articles about when and details on Blackinton's funeral.


North Adams Transcript (August 6, 1885)

Sanford Blackinton's Will

"The will of the late Sanford Blackinton was opened last Thursday, but not publicly and will not be until September. Since opening it, those heirs who are remembered by small bequests have had that portion of the will concerning them read to them privately. A few years ago Mr. Blackinton came into possession of the North Adams Manufacturing company and sold it to Frank R. Blackinton for a nominal sum. It was virtually a gift. Young Mr. Blackinton took about $50,000 from the concern and retired. Afterwards Sanford Blackinton  desired to do as well by his other grandsons as he had previously done by Mr. Blackinton and he gave the greater part of is Interest in the Blackinton Woolen company to the three Pomeroy Brothers..."

(This is an excerpt of the article, thanks to the North Adams Public Library.) 




Hoosac Valley Newspaper (August 1, 1885)

Sanford Blackinton's Funeral

"The funeral of the late Sanford Blackinton was attended from the Baptist church Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock. The attendance was large, almost the entire population of Blackinton village being present, having come to North Adams by special train. The church was filled and the services were conducted by Rev. F. H. Rowley, assisted by Revs. T. T. Munger and J. W. Thompson of this town and Rev. Dr. Auable of Adams, a former pastor of the church..."

(This is an excerpt of the article, thanks to the North Adams Public Library.)



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