Blackinton's Address

Sanford Blackinton lived from1797 to 1885. His death was a very sad experience for a lot of people. His funeral took place on July 27, 1885 at the First Baptist Church in North Adams, Mass. His address was delivered by a man by the name of Francis D. Rowley. Beneath is an expert from the address that was delivered for Sanford Blackinton.


(Picture of the first page of the address given

 at Blackinton's funeral.)


 "Sanford Blackinton, the son of Otis and Ruth Blackinton, was born in Attleboro, MA, on the tenth of December 1797. In 1801 he moved with his parents to what is now known as the Ford farm, on the outskirts of the present village of Blackinton. Upon this farm his youth passed without incident, but with more than ordinary educational advantages, considering the times, as his father had been for many years a school teacher. At the age of sixteen years he apprenticed himself to one Artemas Crittenden, of Williamstown, to learn the fuller's trade, as a preparation for the successful conduct of that manufacturing business he had already decided to establish. In 1821 he formed a co-partnership with his fellow-apprentices, Rufus Wekks and Joseph L. White, got the manufacture for woolen goods. The firm began business with a capital of about $1000-the aggregate savings of its members during their apprenticeship. With this slender capital they immediately erected the little yellow building known to all old residents as the "boy's factory," and which is still used as a storehouse for the Blackinton mills..."



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