Politicians should not be paid!

by Sam Carana

Should politicians get a salary for participating in the political system? I say NO! Do not pay politicians at all!

Politicians go into politics to advocate certain ideas. They do this because they believe in these ideas. If they didn't believe in these ideas, they shouldn't advocate them. Also, if they do not support specific ideas, they shouldn't be in politics.

Politics is about ideas. It's not a profession where one gets paid for sitting in an office all day. If one truely believes in an idea, one is glad to share this idea, discuss it with others in order to advocate it.

True politicians will gladly spend time on promoting their ideas, even if that means that it will cost them some money to travel to a venue where they're invited to speak. In these days of the Internet, they can put their ideas on websites, communicate with people by email, send out mailing lists and post at groups like this one. So, advocating something doesn't have to cost much money at all - if you truely believe in something, then surely you'll be willing to spend the time to write the idea down, which may be all it takes to spread the idea.

But do you ever see a politician posting here at groups like this one? Do you get many emails from politicians with good ideas? I don't! Yet, all these people who have been elected sit there in their posh offices and they get paid for doing what? Showing up in parliament to vote for something that's often already decided, fixed or rigged in the first place? Do you know in advance how your chosen member will vote? They do ask for your views by email?

Weel, here I am and I do ask for your views on this. I say politicians, counsellors, parliamentarians and all those who have been elected into office through some democratic voting procedure, should not be paid at all! They have been elected because of the ideas they were supposed to have.

They should not get cars to drive around in, they should not get travel tickets to go on trips, they should not get any money from taxpayers for their ideas, because if they don't give their ideas for free, we cannot trust them to stand behind their ideas when it comes to a vote. Indeed, NOT paying politicians will make them honest! That way, only people who truely believe in ideas will make the effort to promote them.

I am Sam, I gave you this idea for free!

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But more fundamentally, we should stop supporting a system that appears
prone to corruption, favoratism, nepotism, waste and bureaucracy. Let's
seek more fundamental change and let people make more decisions
themselves, instead of having politicians take the decisions for them.
Let's have more direct democracy!

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