Call to end the Nuclear Arms Race 

by Sam Carana


Have you heard any recent news on negotiations to end the nuclear arms race? Today, more than ever, it makes sense to not only try and prevent further proliferation of nuclear arms, but also to make renewed efforts aimed at abolishing all nuclear weapons worldwide.

Numerous missiles with nuclear heads are pointed at cities all over the world, programmed for launch from secret silos, submarines and airplanes. Military strength further hinges on satellite technology and gaining air superiority, which requires a large amount of expensive military planes and ships from which the planes can take off and (cruise) missiles can be launched.

The above scenario is now obsolete from a military-technical perspective. It's now possible to put cheap cameras onto drone airplanes to guide missiles with a relatively small amount of
conventional explosives with pin-point accuracy to military targets, without causing further damage. Since such planes have no pilot, there's no need for pressurized cabins, ejection seats and the many manual controls of standard fighterplanes. As a consequence, such
drones can be very small and light, which in turn makes that they can fly over large distances and at high altitudes (i.e. out of reach of anti-aircraft guns). Also, they can be produced cheaply and in large numbers, making the cost of launching missiles against each of them
prohibitive. Similarly, missiles with small loads of conventional explosives can be produced quickly in large numbers and at low cost, and they can be easily launched from anywhere, including from drones.

Missiles with nuclear heads, chemical and biological bombs are militarily obsolete. Given the military alternatives, such weapons can only function as instruments of mass terror. They are weapons of mass murder and terrorism that hold the entire world at ransom and that come
with the risk of ending humanity at large, making it ethically and morally unacceptable for anyone to have such weapons. Therefore, we should convince governments to abolish all such weapons. The nuclear arms race should be banned to history - it is part of the previous
century and is out of date and out of step with modern times.

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