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Nothing can stop ideas that make sense

What is the greatest threat facing humanity? Environmental damage? War? Terrorism? Earth being bombarded by comets? Scientific experiments going bad? Disease?

The greatest thread facing humanity is delusion. People are deluded by politicians and schoolteachers alike that things are under control and that everything is fine, that we can rely on them.

We cannot and things look bad. The risk of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in increasing. There are huge environmental problems. Schools create generations of mindless robots who refuse to see the problems. Most media play along with this game, lulling people into a false sense of security. The threats are huge, the risks are unacceptable and we need ideas how to tackle this.


Nuclear proliferation is an immense threat, not to mention the existing threat of missiles being launched in Russia or China as a result of logistical misunderstandings. There's also the ongoing threat of war in the middle east with Israel, Pakistan, India and Iran acquiring many weapons of mass destruction.

In this day and age, all weapons of mass destruction should be phased out. A country is clearly wrong when it builds such weapons and then threatens other countries with mass destruction.

We've got to go to the core of what we belief in to set the record right. The bible isn't adequate in this respect, since the destruction of cities like Sodom and Gomorrah is described as something good, while one must assume that innocent babies were killed in the event. Weapons of mass destruction are by definition wrong, as they are aimed at entire populations, including innocent babies.

With new technology, missiles can be pin-pointed to hit a single car, killing only the people in the car, without killing innocent bystanders. These missiles can be launched from submarines and directed to their target by drones (airplanes without pilot). The technology is there to take out enemies one by one, without any need for weapons of mass destruction.

Security services should be included in trade negotiations. Where countries develop weapons of mass destruction, they effectively seek to hold other countries hostage, making trade negotiations into ransom payments. Such countries should only be invited to take part in trade negotiations if they guarantee not to develop weapons of mass destruction. Such a guarantee implies that they will allow journalists from any countries to investigate facilities that are suspicious for verification.

Secondly, security services should be included in trade negotiations as services that are provided in a competitive environment. People should be able to choose what level of security they want from which supplier. To achieve such an environment, the military should be split up into many pieces, each of which should offer services in all areas, rather than that the military is organized hierachically in a pyramid-model from the president down.


The nuclear threat is the most immediate and urgent threat we're facing. More generally, we should add chemical and biological weapons, but the Iraq situation has unfortunately lulled people into a false belief that no countries possess such weapons. I think people have been deluded into a false sense of security. Even during the cold war the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) situation was madness, but it did turn out to prevent one side from attacking the other.

Right now, the situation has changed as many more countries have nuclear capabilities and are working on expanding their arsenal. These and other countries have developed their nuclear weaponry in secrecy and they are plotting all kinds of things that are not coming out in the open. They may seek to set one country up against another. They may be ruled by dictators or by rogue regimes with few principles other than maintaining their position of power, whatever the consequences. Many countries have a narrow economic basis and a social structure that disrespects the rights of minority groups. Terrorism and suicide bombers add further danger to the already explosive tensions between many nations.

Just imagine a nuclear explosion taking place anywhere in the world. Who will the various countries point the finger at as the culprit? Will there be missiles flying in response?

This is a crazy situation. Dictators and lunatics hold the world at ransom, while the UN doesn't even lift a finger, effectively giving a seal of approval to attrocities that are committed under its very eyes.

We should not put too much trust in the UN. Instead, we should demand openness. Journalist should demand to have access to places that are suspicious. Countries should open their borders to foreign publications, even if this exposes things that are wrong. In fact, foreign publishers and journalists should be encouraged to cover local news, especially where the domestic media fail to lift a finger. We should support a free press, even stronger, we should demand it!

Those who don't like the idea should be condemned by international opinion, to the point where a majority in the respective country will realize the situation. The media and in particular the Internet have an important role in spreading this message. There's nothing that can stop an idea when its time has come. Spread the word!

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