Sam Carana


one picture is worth a thousand words; 

one idea is worth a thousand pictures;

let's compare ideas,

rather than to silence other people's views!



Do you have any ideas that could change the world?

How would you reform society?

Here are some ideas. What are your ideas?

Some of my ideas are described below.


Firstly, politicians should not be paid. Those who go into politics to earn a high salary don't deserve your vote. Politicians should have ideas and if they genuinely believe in those ideas, then they will promote them without expecting to get paid for that. Politicians should clarify what reform they seek. The reform I seek is to be implemented across the board, with the aim of giving everyone a more direct say in decisions and establishing Direct democracy. Three key instruments should be used to drive such reform: vouchers, tax and competition policy. The central idea is these instruments should not be used to further socialist illusions or to feed bureaucratic government, but instead to promote competition. Described below are some of the implications of my proposals. There's one exception in that a special program is needed to respond to global warming. Again, precautions should be taken to avoid that taxes will feed bureaucratic government. Instead, polluters should be taxed and the revenue should be used to support non-polluters.

Education and Security

The Education System - What should be changed? Why is reform so urgently needed here? How strongly is the education system linked with the military? Let's look into the education system and the place of science within the education system. After all, most scientists end up working in education and, directly or indirectly, for the military.

School Vouchers - Vouchers will reform the education system, leading to more competition and direct democracy.

Science - The way science is organized has many simularities with the way the Trabant was once produced and distributed in East Germany. Reform of the education system needs to take a closer look at science and the way it is integrated with a huge military-industrial complex. Reform should not exclude the military, which is in more urgent need for reform than any other area. The Trabant Model of Science suggests that the military be split up into multiple pieces, each of which is to compete in all areas without collusion, offering security services more directly to customers. This should go hand in hand with ending the nuclear arms race.

Health Care

Health Care - People should be able to choose from a multitude of structurally separate insurance providers each offering people real insurance, i.e. the guarantee of a healthy life. Doctors and other medical professionals should not receive regulatory privileges.

Infrastructure and Town Planning 

More competition should be established in the provision of services operating locally. The idea of a single, standard community service should be abandoned and people should no longer be coerced into paying for services they don't really want. If people prefer to look after their own needs by 'alternative' means, such as by walking, using solar power, rainwater tanks, outhouses and mulching of waste, then they should not be forced to pay for a 'standard' infrastructure services such as public highways, supply of electricity and water, sewerage systems, garbage collection, etc. It makes more sense to regard such 'alternatives' as normal than to impose a single 'standard' upon society. Most of all, we need to discuss ideas as to how people can live together.

Nuclear versus Wind Power - Wind turbines look pretty good, especially when working in combination with solar and hydro-power serving power grids that are interconnected and also  overlapping (i.e. competing with each other), and that look at any connection as both a potential supplier and customer. This will allow market forces to establish the (floating) price of the moment for supply or consumption of energy to and from each of these grids. 


Finance - The Federal Reserve Bank should gradually be phased out, so that stock (shares) will replace money as a facilitator of trade.

Media and communications

Call for Open Media - Some things are urgent; let's start getting things discussed! Open media are important in order to initiate reform, discuss alternatives and monitor the progress of reform.

Ten Issues of a Secular Society is an example of an article that brings up ideas for further discussion. The place of marriage is part of that discussion.