Filipino Traveller's Mass

In an email from Fr. Restie QuintillanoMSP - Diocese of Hexam and Newcastle, the good father requested for the Order of the Mass in different Philippine dialect but instead I stumbled upon this Traveller's Mass in Tagalog and translations in the following languages: 
This is a two-column version of the Order of the Mass (i.e., the whole text of the liturgy, excluding the readings), in both the local language of the country and our own Tagalog dialect, can help the Filipino traveller considerably. Not only it helps the Filipino traveller not feeling "dull", perhaps answering mechanically to the service as recited by the priest, as soon as you manage to "catch the rythm of it". But it can eventually help you integrating in the local community, have a true community worship, and be able to repeat to yourself the words of Jesus:
For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them (Mt 18:20).

If anyone knows where I can find Order of Mass in different Philippine dialects, please, refer me to the link by email: