Sambuddho Chakravarty

I work as an Asst Prof. at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering Department of Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT Delhi) since June 2014. I completed my PhD in Computer Science from Columbia University, New York, where I worked in the Network Security Lab (NSL) and was advised by Prof. Angelos D. Keromytis. My research is broadly related to network security and more specifically related to network anti-censorship, counter surveillance, network anonymity and privacy (and all problems revolving around such systems).


PhD (Computer Science), 2014 (Columbia University, New York, NY)

MS (Computer Engineering), 2007 (Columbia University, New York, NY)

BS (Computer Science), 2004 (Delhi University, India)

Working with me:

  • General guidelines: I would expect you to read and read a lot. Do not expect spoon feeding and easy grades. Expectations would be high for you to perform creatively, NOT quantitatively.
  • IIIT Delhi student: B.Tech /M.Tech students at IIIT Delhi must be prepared to register as IP/IS/Scholarly Paper/BTP/M.Tech thesis etc. Your ``passion''/``shraddha (श्रद्धा) ''/``childhood interest'' is not sufficient for me to trust you that you would have some skin in the game.
  • Non IIIT Delhi students: Yes I am taking summer interns. You need very strong C/C++ programming skills. I am also open to working with you long term, provided you are willing to commit wholeheartedly to the research, and not just to outcomes. Do not bother applying if you only objective is to somehow get recommendation letters for applying to MS/PhD/SSB/UPSC/whatever else/, without efforts.
  • Everyone else (potential Research Engineers, Research Assistants and PhD students): These are long term positions (6 months+, and much longer for potential doctoral students), and you would be selected based on stringent technical interviews. I expect you to be a fearless C or C++ coder, with decent knowledge of OS and networks. Knowledge of cryptography / applied cryptography / computer security would be a plus. For more information please see this (deadline: April 15, 2020 2359hrs).

Contact information:


B 503 New Academic Block,

Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi (IIITD),

Okhla Phase III,

New Delhi - 110020

voice: +91 11 2690 7478

email: <firstname> [at] iiit [dot] ac [dot] in