Batchimeg Sambalaibat

Research Interests 

My research focuses on understanding market failures and inefficiencies associated with OTC trading, documenting and explaining trading patterns in OTC markets, and understanding how government and private market interventions can help improve OTC markets.

Topics: OTC Markets, Market Microstructure, Search Theory, Networks, Derivatives, and Sovereign Debt.

Research Statement


A Theory of Liquidity Spillover between Bond and CDS Markets, Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 35, Issue 5,  May 2022, pp. 2525-2569.

A search model of bond and CDS markets featuring endogenous funding liquidity and interdependent bond and CDS market liquidity. 

Online Appendix

Working Papers

Endogenous Specialization and Dealer Networks

A directed search model of dealer network formation. It explains the most salient feature of OTC markets: the core-periphery phenomenon.

Online Appendix

The Challenges of Policy Extrapolation: A Case Study of Naked CDS Bans (Reject. & Revise, Management Science)

I study European bans on speculative CDS purchases and how they affected sovereign bond markets. 

Currency Risk and Pricing Kernel Volatility (with Federico Gavazzoni & Chris Telmer)

We document facts---in the context of currency risk---that challenge lognormal asset pricing models. Future work should move to distributions with higher order moments.

Credit Default Swaps as Sovereign Debt Collateral

CDS can serve as collateral, mitigate agency frictions, and thereby support more sovereign debt. 

International Lending with Political Economy Frictions

A politically unstable country achieves higher utility, borrows more, and experiences less capital outflow than a politically stable borrower.

The Search and Matching in Macro and Finance (SAMMF) Virtual Seminar Series - a biweekly seminar 

OTC Markets Workshop

2018 Program    2018 Call for Papers

Conference Discussions

SFS Cavalcade 2019: The Coordination of Intermediation by Ming Yang and Yao Zeng

Bank of Canada-John Deutsch Institute Workshop on Financial Intermediation 2019: Learning by Trading: The Case of the U.S. Market for Municipal Bonds by Julia Brancaccio, Dan Li, and Norman Schurhoff 

MFA 2019: Repo Collateral and Counterparty Risks: Theory and Evidence from the MBS Repo and Spot Markets by Li-ting Chiu, Sheen Liu, & Chunchi Wu

ESSFM (AP, Gerzensee) 2018: Once Upon a Broker Time? Order Preferencing and Market Quality by Hans Degryse, Nikolaos Karagiannis

WFA 2018: OTC Premia by Gino Cenedese, Angelo Ranaldo, Michalis Vasios

EFA 2017: Currency Manipulation by Tarek Hassan, Thomas Mertens, Zhang

ESSFM (AP, Gerzensee) 2017: How Auctions Amplify House-Price Fluctuations by Alina Arefeva

SFS Cavalcade 2017: Agency Trading and Principal Trading by Jiacui Li and Wenhao Li

SFS Cavalcade 2017: ‘Smart’ Settlement by Mariana Khapko and Marius Zoican

SFS Cavalcade 2016: A Macrofinance View of Sovereign CDS by Michael Chernov, Lukas Schmid, and Andreas Schneider

University of Wisconsin 7th Annual Conference on Money, Banking, and Asset Markets: Endogenous Market Making and Network Formation by Briana Chang and Shengxing Zhang

MFA 2016: Prices and Volatilities in the Corporate Bond Market by Jack Bao, Jia Chen, Kewei Hou, and Lei Lu

NFA 2015: Transparency Regime Initiatives and Liquidity in the CDS Market by Andras Fulop and Laurence Lescourret

EFA 2015: The Credit Spread Puzzle - Myth or Reality? by Peter Feldhutter and Stephen Schaeffer

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