Sam's Player Profile


17th June 1988

Best Breaks:
Competition 142 (World Championship - 2013)
Practice 147 (11 times)

 Professional Ranking:

2016/17 - 51 
2015/16 - 46
2014/15 - 77
2013/14 - 71
2012/13 - 81
2011/12 - 79 
2010/11 - dropped off the tour
2009/10 - 76
2009/10 - one year 75
WEBSF Ranking:

1 2010/11 WEBSF Gold Waistcoat
3 2009/10 WEBSF Gold Waistcoat
1 2008/9 WEBSF Gold Waistcoat
2 2006/7 WEBSF Gold Waistcoat
5 2005/6 WEBSF Gold Waistcoat
2 2006/7 WEBSF Silver Waistcoat
1 2005/6 WEBSF Silver Waistcoat

"The Blade"


Break Building

Favourite Snooker Player:

Adrian Bond

Claim to Fame:

Invited to play on Big Break; Beat Ronnie O'Sullivan 4-2 in a PTC and played a televised match against Judd Trump on Eurosport.

Arrived at the Crucible 2013 and is now a Snooker Professional!

Reached the last 16 at the Crucible 2016 and gave Mr Selby something to think about.


Photo by Deborah Branton



In the beginning
Sam Baird from Halberton first picked up a snooker cue to play on a six foot table he had for his fifth birthday progressing to a full size table at the age of six. The way in which he held his cue was far from text book due to his lack of height in comparison to a full size snooker table. This did not seem to matter much as he quickly scampered around the table sending balls rapidly towards the pockets. Tired of beating his mum & dad he moved on to play in local clubs where many a comment was made about his unusual style and in some peoples view "he would never amount to much in the game with a style like that!" His father sought the advice of a local snooker coach who suggested he be left alone to learn how to pot and things would sort themselves out as he grew taller, how true that was to be!....from those early days Sam progressed steadily, winning tournaments and trophies at every level in the Tiverton & Exeter leagues, at county level, regional level even when competing against some of the best amateurs in the UK at national tournaments.
From amateur to professional
Aged 18 and with his growing reputation at amateur level, Sam decided to set himself three years in which to win a place in the top 96 professional elite. The first year he won his first UK U21 event at Pontins World Snooker Centre, Wales and also finished in the top 10 of the Pro-ticket amateur rankings, qualifying for the Play-off tournament. This also led to Sam being selected to play for the England senior team at the Home Internationals. 

The second year he ended the season top of the overall rankings in the UK Businessland U21 series and finished in the top 10 of the amateur rankings once more, securing his England selection for the second year. 

This season sees him having the same success in the U21's and Pro ticket rankings qualifying again for the Play-off tournament. Having consistently achieved at this level he began to believe he had a slim chance of wining the tournament. Sam’s first opponent was Jeff Cundy, a tough competitor that he had struggled to beat on previous occasions. With a new found believe in his ability he made good early progress wining the match 5-1. Second up was the gifted Adam Wicheard who he comfortably beat 5-2. His remaining matches were all-together different. Sean Bullock and Jack Lisowski the later recipient of the 2009/10 Paul Hunter Scholarship both led before Sam fought back reeling off vital frames to win both matches 5-3 and 5-4 respectively. In the final he was met by David Craggs a recent English Amateur Championship finalist and placed 4 placings above him in the rankings. Sam started poorly in the final and soon found himself 5-1 down with just five frames remaining. His natural survival instincts then took over producing some of the raw talent that he is renowned for to claw back and level at 5-5. In the final frame Sam built a modest lead only to miss a difficult red down the rail. Craggs took advantage of the miss and recovered to need a black off the spot to win the match. Somehow he missed it and left Sam to pot black and bring to an end a most dramatic match and take the much prized professional spot on the main tour for 2009/10. Sam now has the problem of finding sponsorship towards his expenses in order to compete on the professional circuit.

At the time spokesperson for the West of England Billiards & Snooker Foundation Roger Cole said "What Sam has achieved, largely of his own back, is immense. Not only for himself but for every aspiring youngster here in the South West. Many of them already look-up to Sam and will now believe that with hard work they too can possibly make it into the professional elite. He has shown a raw talent that with careful guidance and sufficient sponsorship who knows how far he can go". well done Sam!

2009-10 - Professional round 1
Played on the professional tour for 2 years between 2009 and 2011 reaching highest ranking of 75. Sam won another Pro Ticket Tour in 2011 before eventually dropping off the tour due to not being in the top 64. Sam's best run during this period ended in the fourth round of the China Open where he lost 5-2 to Fergal Obrien after beating Ian McCulloch in the previous round.

2010-11 - Back to being a wannabe
Whilst reverting back to an amateur for a season Sam kept himself busy on the table playing in events like the World Open qualifiers, EASB Pro-Ticket, Euro Players Tour, WEBSF Gold Waistcoat. His results in these events gave a strong indication that, providing he stuck at it, he would soon return the the professional tour. This he did by winning a Pro-Ticket for one season.

2011-12 - Back on the gravy train
A difficult season ensued until it started coming together near the end in the World Open and Welsh Open where Sam came through both qualifying stages. In the Welsh Open he beat Nigel Bond and Dominic Dale in the qualifiers before narrowly losing to Mark Selby, just needing a blue off its spot to record, what would have been his biggest win up until that point.

2012-13 - Setting records
With the prospect of just another single season on the tour as a result of a second pro-ticket win, Sam decided to still compete in Q-School. At the first event Sam powered his way though the field, winning five matches 4-0 to secure two years on the tour instead of one and in doing so set a record of not losing a frame in a Q-School event....a remarkable achievement.

Sam did not have a great season for the second season came good near the end in the Welsh Open and World Championship qualifiers. In the Welsh Open Sam qualified and then won the first two rounds of the main event, beating Gerrard Green 4-0 before losing to Robert Milkins. In the World Championship Sam qualified through four rounds, beating Rory McCleod in a 10-9 nail-biter before an emphatic 10-3 win over high ranking Joe Perry to secure a place in the last 32 at the Crucible. Sam was drawn against Stuart Bingham who played top quality snooker to win 10-2. Sam was to make breaks of 80 and 142 in the two frames he won. Which is an indication of how well Stuart played. Sam reported that the Crucible atmosphere is nothing like any other tournament on the tour but nevertheless a fantastic experience.

2013-14 - European Tour consistency
No runs in any of the main ranking events this season. However, solid performances on the European Tour saw Sam's earnings tick over but still Sam could not elevate himself into the top 64, which is where his ability suggests he should be.

2014-15 - Stalemate season
mediocre season for Sam which kept him ranked in the 70's. Time to take stock and prepare to move to the next level or consider where he goes from here?

2015-16 - Cream will eventually rise to the top
One has to work hard to eventually become a master of a trade, at each level there are new barriers to overcome and one is faced with constant knock-backs that test ones resolve. 2015-16 was  an up-and-down season but once again Sam found some good performances to keep him honed in on the top 64. On the European Tour Sam got to the semi-final in the Bulgarian Open, losing out to Ryan Day after beating Judd Trump in the quarters. However, it was his terrific run in the World Championship that saw him end the season well inside the top 64 ranked players.

After winning three qualifying rounds  Sam booked a place at the Crucible in the last 32. His opponent was to be world number 15, Michael White. Sam clearly benefited from having experienced the Crucible atmosphere back in 2013 and this was evident as he held himself together at various pressure moments in the match to win 10-7 and book a place in the last 16 against Mark Selby, one of the best exponents of matchplay snooker in the modern game. 

After a three session match in the last 16, which captivated audiences around the world, Sam eventually succumbed to the world number one and former champion to lose 13-11. The match proved an excellent platform to show the world that Sam has the talent and resolve to compete with higher ranked players and elevate himself up the rankings. Sam has always had belief but maybe he has sometimes lacked confidence. No doubt he will draw on this result along with past experiences to make a concerted effort towards reaching the top 32 by the end of next season. 

2016-17 - Holding his own
Sam started the season ranked 46 and ended ranked 51. A drop of just 5 places was not ideal but he's still in the top 64 and it could have been much worse. Sam usually ends the season strong but this season he performed better mid way through the season. Good runs; in the Paul Hunter Classic before losing out to the World number one Mark Selby; reaching the last 16 in the International Championship before falling to Shaun Murphy, helped him remain on the top 64.

It has to be said the final 7 or 8 tournaments the results were pretty ordinary and no one knows this more than Sam. Even though he felt his game was in good fettle the results did not materialise. However, a solid 4-2 win over World No.2 John Higgins was one of the highlights of the season, thus proving that Sam can still raise his game for the big challenges. On more than one occasion Sam struggled to deal with somewhat indifferent conditions, a situation that maybe should not arise at this level even if it is the same for both players. Looking forward to the new season Sam has no expectations, just head down and try his best, as he always does....

Professional 2017 - 2018

German Open

Round 1: Lost to Mark Selby 5-0

Scottish Open

Round 1: Lost to Chris Totten 4-1

UK Championship

Round 1: Lost to Aditya Metha 4-3

Northern Ireland Open

Round 1: Lost to Zhang Yong 4-3

Shanghai Masters

Q Round 2: Lost to Sohiel Vahedi 5-4

English Open

Round 1: Lost to Ross Muir 4-3

International Championship


Round 1: Lost to Li Yuan 6-4

Indian Open


Beat Lucky Vatnani 4-2

(Main event)

Round 1: Beat Mark Davis 4-2

Round 2: Lost to Ken Doherty 4-3

Paul Hunter Classic

Round 2: Lost to Shaun Murphy 4-1

Round 1: Beat Jimmy Robertson 4-0

World Open


Round 1: Lost to Chen Zhe 5-3

European Masters


Round 1: beat Jimmy Robertson 4-3

(Main Event)

Round 1: Lost to David B Gilbert 4-1

China Championship


Round 1: Josh Boileau 5-2

(Main event)

Lost to Ronnie O'Sullivan 5-2

Riga Masters

Last 16: Lost to Mark Joyce 4-2

Round 2: Beat Noppon Saengkham  4-2

Round 1: Beat Michael White 4-0


Round 1: Beat Matthew Selt 4-3

Professional 2016 - 2017

World Championships


Round 1: Lost to Xia0 Guodong 10-4

Gibraltar Open

Round 1: Lost to Eden Sharav 4-1


Round 1: Lost to Jamie Barrett 58-18

Welsh Open

Round 1: Beat John Higgins 4-2

Round 2: Lost to Craig Steadman 4-1

China Open


Round 1: Lost to Jimmy White 5-4

Scottish Open

Round 1: Lost to Mitchell Mann 4-2

German Masters


Lost to Yan Bingtao 5-1

UK Championship

Round 2: Lost to Mitchell Mann 6-2

Round 1: Beat Sean O'Sullivan 6-2

Northern Ireland Open

Round 3: Lost to Gary Wilson 4-3

Round 2: Beat Marco Fu 4-3

Round 1: Beat Noppon Saengkham 4-3

Coral English Open

Round 1: Lost to Elliot Slessor 4-3

International Championship
(Main Event)

Last 16: Lost to Shaun Murphy 6-1

Last 32: Beat Marco Fu 6-4

Round 1: Beat Michael White 6-2


Beat Michael Georgiou 6-3

European Masters

Lost to Zhao Xintong 4-1

Shanghai Masters

Lost to Kristanut Lertsattayatthorn 5-1

Paul Hunter Classic

Last 16: Lost to Mark Selby 4-2

Round 3: Beat Liang Wenbo

Round 2: Beat Gary Wilson 4-1

Round 1: Beat Daniel Ward 4-2

Indian Open
Round 1: Beat Jack Lisowski 4-3

Round 2: Lost 4-2 to Nigel Bond


Riga Masters
Round 1: Lost to David Gilbert 4-1


Beat Daniel Wells 4-1


World Open Qualifiers

Lost to Allan Taylor 5-3

Indian Open Qualifiers

Beat Alex Borg 4-0

Professional 2015 - 2016

 World Championship


Round 3: Beat Liam Highfield 10-9

Round 2: Beat Tom Ford 10-7

Round 1: Beat Thor Chuan Leong 10-8


(Main Event)

Last 16: Lost to Mark Selby 13-11

Round 1: Beat Michael White 10-7



China Open

Round 1: Lost to Stuart Bingham 5-3

 PTC Finals

Round 1: Lost to Mark King 4-2

Gydian Open (ET6)

Last 16: Lost to Mark Selby 4-3

Round 3: Beat Michael White 4-3

Round 2: Beat Richard Beckham 4-1

Round 1: Beat Joshua Baddeley 4-0

Welsh Open

Round 2: Lost to John Higgins 4-0

Round 1:Beat Thor Chuan Leong 4-2


Round 1: Lost to Jack Lisowski

China Open


Round 1: Beat Alan Taylor 5-3

German Masters

Round 1: lost 5-3 to David Morris


Gibraltar Open(ET5)

Round 2: Lost to Marco Fu 4-2 (Fu 147)

Round 1: Beat Paul S Davidson 4-1


UK Championship

Round 2: Lost to Aditya Mehta 6-5


Bulgaria Open (ET4)

Round 3: Beat Rory McCleod 4-0

Round 4: Beat Zhang Anda 4-0

Round 5: Beat Chris Melling 4-0

Last 16: Beat Jimmy Robinson 4-3

Quarter final: Beat Judd Trump 4-1

semi-final: Lost to Ryan Day 4-2

WSIC International Championship Qualifiers

Lost to Zhou Yuelong 6-4


Shanghai Masters Qualifiers

Lost to Leo Fernadez 5-4


Ruhr Open (ET3)

Round 2: Lost to Alan Mcanus 4-1

Round 1: Beat Matthew Stevens 4-2

Paul Hunter Classic (ET2) Qualifiers

Round 1: Lost to Andrew Higginson


Riga Open (ET1) Qualifiers
Lost to Jason Weston 4-2


Australian Goldfields Open Qualifiers

Beat Duane Jones 5-1

Lost to Michael Leslie 5-0


Professional 2014 - 2015


World Championship Qualifiers

Beat Tony Drago 10-7

Lost to Adam Duffy 10-7


Snooker Shoot-out

Round 1: Beat Stephen McGuire 53-9

Round 2: Beat Ricky Walden 56-51

Last 16: Lost to Alfie Burden 88-0


European Tour Event 6 (Gydinia)

Round 2: lost to Peter Ebdon 4-2


Welsh Open

Round 1: Beat Fergal O'Brien 4-3

Round 2: Beat Dave Harold 4-0

Round 3: Lost Stephen Maguire 4-2


China Open Qualifiers

Lost to Peter Ebdon 5-3


Indian Open Qualifiers

Beat Darryl Hill 4-0

Wild Card Round: Beat Brijesh Damani 4-1

Round 1: Lost to Rod Lawler 4-0


European Tour Event 5 Lisbon

Round 1: Beat Luke Garland 4-2

Round 2: Beat Michael Wasley 4-3

Lost to Aditya Mehta 4-1


Coral UK Championship

Round 1: Lost 6-4 to Robbie Williams


European Tour Event 4 (Germany)

Round 1: Beat Yu Delu 4-0

Round 2: Lost to Judd Trump 4-2


European Tour Event 3 (Bulgaria)

Round 1: Beat Ashley Hugill 4-1

Round 2: Lost to Luca Brecel 4-2


International Championship

Last 16: Lost to Mark Williams 6-2

Last 32: Beat Mark Davis 6-5

Last 64: Beat Kyren Wilson 6-2


Last 128: Beat Michael Holy 6-4


European Tour Event 2 (Furth)

Last 128: Beat Yu Delu 4-1
Last 64: Lost to Rod Lawler 4-2


Shanghai Masters Qualifiers

Last 136: Beat Lu Ning 5-3
Last 104: Beat Gary Wilson 5-4
Last 72: Lost to Stuart Carrington 5-4


European Tour Event 1 (Latvia)

Last 128: Beat Peter Lines 4-2
Last 64: Lost to Judd Trump 4-3

Pink Ribbon

Semi Final: Lost to Lee Walker 4-1

Quarter Final:Beat Mitchell Travis 4-3

Last 16: Beat Jimmy Robinson 4-2


Wuxi Classic Qualifiers

W/O Allister Carter (medical reasons)
(Main - China)
Beat Fraser Patrick 5-3
Last 32: Lost to Michael Holt 5-2


Australian Goldfields Open Qualifiers

Beat Graig Barber 5-1

W/O Dechawat Poomjaeng
Lost to Michael Leslie 5-3


Professional 2013 - 2014


Dafabet World Championship 2014

Lost to John Astley 10-9


China Open

Wild Card Round

Lost to Zhao Xintong 5-2


Wyldecrest Parks Players Championship

Grand Final

Lost to Anthony Hamilton 4-3


BetVictor Welsh Open Qualifiers

Beat Robbie Willimas 4-2

(Main event)

Lost to Stephen Maguire 4-3


German Masters Qualifiers

Lost to Andrew Higginson 5-3


European Tour - 8 (Gydnia)

Beat Vinnie Calabrese 4-2

Beat Jamie Rhys-Clarke 4-0

Beat Nigel Bond 4-3

Beat Barry Pinches 4-2

Beat Alfie Burden 4-3

Lost to Fergal O'Brien 4-1


China Open Qualifiers

Beat Liu Chuang 5-2


UK Championship

Lost to Peter Lines 6-2


European Tour - 7 Antwerp Open

Beat James Cahill 4-1

Beat John Higgins 4-1

Beat Rory Mcleod 4-2

Lost to Ben Woolaston 4-1


European Tour - 6

Beat Li Yan W/O

Beat Andrew Higginson 4-0

Beat Ryan Day 4-1

Beat Allister Carter 4-2

Lost to Graham Dott 4-1


European Tour 5 - RUHR Open

Beat Ben Harrison 4-3

Beat Fergal O'Brien 4-2

Lost to Mark Davis 4-2


International Championship Qualifiers

Lost to Dave Harold 6-5


European Tour 4 - Paul Hunter Classic

Beat Liu Chuang 4-2

Beat Andrew Higginson 4-1

Lost to Michael White 4-2


European Tour 3 - Bluebell Wood Open

Beat Ratchayothin Yotharuck 4-1
Beat Tian Pengfei 4-2
Lost to Mark Williams 4-2


Indian Open Qualifiers
Lost to John Higgins 4-2


Shanghia Masters Qualifiers

Beat Alex Borg 5-4

Beat Dechawat Poomjaeng 5-1

Lost to Yu Delu 5-2


European Tour 2 - Rotterdam Open

Beat Tomasz Skalski 4-1

Beat Joe Perry 4-3

Beat Kurt Maflin 4-2

Last 16: lost to Mark Williams 4-2


SWSA Pink Ribbon Charity Pro-am

Beat Kishan Hirani 4-0

Beat Martin O'Donnell 4-2

Last 16: lost to Barry Hawkins 4-0


European Tour 1 - Bulgarian Open

Beat Joe Steele 4-2

Beat Barry Pinches 4-1

Beat Robert Milkins 4-1

Last 16: lost to Mark Williams 4-1


Australian Goldfields Open 2013 Qualifiers

Lost to Matthew Day 5-4


WUXI Classic 2013 Qualifiers

Lost to Michael White 5-1

Professional 2012 - 2013


Betfred World Championship Qualifiers

Beat Chen Zhe 10-7

Beat Peter Lines 10-9

Beat Rory Mcleod 10-9

Beat Joe Perry 10-3

(Main Tournament)

Lost to Stuart Bingham 10-2


Welsh Open Qualifiers

Beat Luca Brecel 4-1

Beat Martin Gould 4-3

(Main Tournament)

R1 - Beat Gerrard Greene 4-0

R2 - Lost to Robert Milkins 4-2


Betfair European Tour 5 - Scottish Open


Lost to Dave Harold 4-1


China Open Qualifiers

Lost to Dechawat Poomjaeng 5-4


Haikou World Open Qualifiers

Beat Tony Drago 5-4

Lost to Mike Dunn 5-3 UK Championship

Lost to Pankaj Avani  6-2


Uk Players Tour Championships - Event 4

Lost to Martin Gould 4-1


Uk Players Tour Championships - Event 3

Lost to Michael White 4-2


International Championship Qualifiers

Beat Ben Judge 6-1

Lost to Dave Guilbert 6-2


European Tour 1 - Paul Hunter Classic, Furth

Lost to Mark Davis 4-1


European Tour 2 - Gydinia Open, Poland Qualifiers

Lost to Kurt Maflin 4-2


European Tour 5 - Scottish Open, Scotland


Lost to Dave Harold 4-1


Uk Players Tour Championships - Event 2

Beat Eden Sharav 4-1

Lost to Mark Joyce 4-0


Shanghai Masters 2012 Qualifiers

Lost to Ben Judge 5-2


Uk Players Tour Championships - Event 1

Beat Mike Dunn 4-2

Lost to Steve Davis 4-0


Australian Goldfields Open 2012 


Beat Jamie O'Neil 5-0

Beat Andy Hicks 5-3

Lost to Dave Harold 5-4


Pink Ribbon 2012

Beat Kyren Wilson 4-3

Beat Tony Drago 4-3

Lost to Gerard Greene 4-1


WUXI Classic 2012 Qualifiers

Lost to Aditya Mehta 5-3


Professional 2011 – 2012


Q School 2012 Event 1

Beat George Marter 4-0
Beat Kacper Filipak 4-0
Beat Allan Taylor 4-0
Beat James Cahill 4-0
Beat Nick Jennings 4-0

Qualification for two years on the Professional Tour


World Championship 2012 Qualifiers

Lost to David Grace 10-8


China Open 2012 Qualifiers

Lost to Tian Pengfei 5-0


WELSH Open 2012 Qualifiers

Beat Passakorn Suwannawat 4-1

Beat Li Yan 4-1

Beat Nigel Bond 4-3

Beat Dominic Dale 4-2

(Main Tournament)

Lost to Mark Selby 4-3


HAIKOU World Open 2012 Qualifiers

Beat Luca Brecel 5-3
Beat Liu Chuang 5-1

Beat Jimmy White 5-1

Beat Mark Davis 5-4

(Main Tournament)

Lost to Jin Long 5-3


UK Championship 2011 


Beat Liam Highfield 6-3

Lost to Anthony McGill 6-2


Players Tour Championships - Event 1

Lost to Graeme Dott 4-0


Players Tour Championships - Event 2

Beat Liu Song 4-3

Beat Stuart Bingham 4-1

Lost to Liam Highfield 4-2


Players Tour Championships - Event 3

Lost to Matthew Stevens 4-3


Players Tour Championships - Event 4

Beat Marco Fu 4-2

Lost to Jamie Cope 4-2


Players Tour Championships - Event 5

Beat Zhang Anda 4-3

Lost to Dechawat Poomjaeng 4-2


Players Tour Championships - Event 6

Lost to Ian Burns 4-3

Players Tour Championships - Event 7

Lost to James McGouran 4-1


Players Tour Championships - Event 8

Beat J. P. Kelly 4-0

Lost to Stephen Lee 4-0


Players Tour Championships - Event 9

Beat Jurgen van den Bossche 4-2

Lost to Jimmy White 4-2


Players Tour Championships - Event 10

Beat Ronnie O'Sullivan 4-2

Beat Passakorn Suwannawat 4-2

Lost to Ken Doherty 4-2


Players Tour Championships - Event 11

Lost to Judd Trump 4-0


Players Tour Championships - Event 12

Beat Simon Bedford 4-3

Lost to Xiao Guodong 4-3


Shanghai Masters 2011 Qualifiers

Lost to Yu Delu 5-1


Australian Goldfields Open Qualifiers

Beat Luca Brecel 5-1

Lost to Adrian Gunnell 5-4


International 2010 - 2011


World Championship Qualifiers

Beat Colin Mitchell 5-1

Beat Neil Selman 5-3

Beat Reanne Evans 10-6

Beat  Thanawhat Thirapongpaiboon 10-8
Beat Alfie Burden 10-7
Lost to Mike Dunn 10-9

EASB Q School Satellite - Event 1

Beat Nick Jennings 3-0
Beat Rock Hui 3-1

EASB Q School Satellite - Event 2
Beat Darran Lock 4-0
Beat Ryan Mears 4-1

EASB Q School Satellite - Event 3
Beat Joe Dellarda 5-0
Beat Hammad Miah 5-2
Beat Ryan Causton 5-0

SWSA Q School Preparation Series - Event 1

Round 1 beat Sam Harvey 4-1

Last 32 beat Chris Norbury 4-3
Last 16 beat Jamie O'Neil 4-2
Quarter Final beat Rhydian Richards 4-3
Semi Final lost to Kyren Wilson 5-0


SWSA Q School Preparation Series - Event 2

Round 1 beat Andrew Norman 4-0

Last 32 beat Lewis Calcutt 4-1

Last 16 lost to Michael Wasley 4-3


SWSA Q School Preparation Series - Event 4

Last 32 beat Richard Clarke 4-0

Last 16 lost to Sam Harvey 4-3


SWSA Q School Preparation Series
Final Ranking Position 8

WEBSF Gold Waistcoat Tour

2010 Event 1-  Final beat Steve Brookshaw

WEBSF Gold Waistcoat Tour

2010 Event 2-  Quarter Final lost to Wayne Branton


WEBSF Gold Waistcoat Tour

2011 Event 3-  Final lost to Alan Tunney


WEBSF Gold Waistcoat Tour

2011 Event 5 -  Final lost to Darren Bond


WEBSF Gold Waistcoat Tour

Final Ranking Position 1


Euro Players Tour Championship Event 4

2010 Last 128 Round 2 lost to Liu Song 4-3


EASB Pro Ticket Tour Stage One South - Event 1

Last 32 beat Danny Douane 4-0

Last 16 beat Lewis Mayes 4-3

Quarter Final beat James O'Sullivan 4-2

Semi Final beat Michael Walsley 4-2

Final beat James Loft 5-3

EASB Pro Ticket Tour Stage One South - Event 2
Last 64 lost to Andrew Norman 4-1


EASB Pro Ticket Tour Stage One South - Event 3

Last 64 beat Phil O'Kane 4-0
Last 32 beat Ryan Causton 4-3

Last 16 beat Nick Jennings 4-1

Quarter Final beat Sydney Wilson 4-2

Semi Final lost to Martin O'Donnell 4-3


EASB Pro Ticket Tour Stage One South - Event 4

Last 64 beat Simon Dent 4-0

Last 32 beat Benjamin Finch 4-0

Last 16 beat Colin Mitchell 4-1

Quarter Final beat Darren Bond 4-1

Semi Final beat James Loft 4-3

Final lost to Martin O'Donnell 5-2


EASB Pro Ticket Tour Stage One South
Final Ranking Position 2


EASB Pro Ticket Tour Stage Two - Event 1

Last 16 beat Dean Venables 5-4

Quarter Final beat James Loft 5-4

Semi Final beat David Grace 5-2

Final beat David portman 6-4


EASB Pro Ticket Tour Stage Two - Event 2

Last 32 James O'Sullivan w/o

Last 16 lost to Adam Duffy 5-4


EASB Pro Ticket Tour Stage Two - Event 3

Last 16 beat Nick Jennings 5-1

Quarter Final beat Shaun Wilkes 5-2
Semi Final lost to Adam Duffy 5-1


World Open

2010 South West Snooker Academy Qualifiers

Last 64 beat Marc Harman 3-0

Last 32 beat Shahrukh Nasir 3-1

Last 32 beat Lucky Vatnani 3-0

Quarter Final beat Lee Page 3-1

Semi Final  beat Daniel Ward 3-1

Final beat Andrew Norman 3-2


Qualifying Round One

Beat Anda Zhang 3-2

Lost to Jamie Jones 3-0


Players Tour Championship Event 1

2010 Round 1 lost to Gerard Greene 4-1


Players Tour Championship Event 2

2010 Round 1 lost to Gerard Greene 4-3

Players Tour Championship Event 3

2010 Last 128 beat Peter Lines 4-2

2010 Last 64 lost to Tom Ford 4-1


Players Tour Championship Event 4

2010 Last 128 lost to Liu Song 4-3


Players Tour Championship Event 5

2010 Round One lost to Jimmy Robertson 4-3

2010 Qualifying Round beat Robbie Williams 4-1


Players Tour Championship Event 6

2010 Last 128 Qualifying Round lost to Barry Pinches 4-3

Professional 2009 - 2010


World Championship

2010 Qualifying round 2 beat Stephen Rowlings 10-6
2010 Qualifying round 3 lost to Joe Delaney 10-0

Pro Challenge 5

2009 Prelim round lost to Judd Trump 4-1

China Open
2010 1st round beat Craig Steadman 5-3
2010 2nd round beat Liu Song 5-2
2010 3rd round beat Ian McCulloch 5-1
2010 4th round lost to Fergal O'Brien 5-2

Shanghai Masters
2009 1st round lost to Ben Woollaston 5-4

UK Championship
2009 1st round beat Bjorn Haneveer 9-4
2009 2nd round lost to Joe Dalaney 9-8

Grand Prix
2009 1st round lost Daniel Wells 5-2

Pro Challenge 1
2009 1st round beat Jamie Cope 4-3
2009 2nd round lost to Andrew Norman 4-3

Pro Challenge 2 (Six Reds Challenge)

2009 2nd round lost to Ken Doherty 5-1


Pro Challenge 3

2009 Last 32 beat Mark Joyce 4-3
2009 Last 16 lost to Judd Trump 4-3

Pro Challenge 4 (Cancelled)


Amateur 1997 - 2009



2011 EASB Pro Ticket Play-offs Winner
2009 EASB Pro Ticket Play-offs Winner
2008 Pontins Businessland U21 Overall Winner
2008 Pontins Businessland U21 Event Winner (Twice)
2008 Pontins PIOS Event Quarters
2007 Pontins PIOS Event Last 16 (Twice)
2007 Represented England Senior Team Home Internationals


2009 EASB Pro Ticket Winner
2008 EASB Pro Ticket Quarter Final
2007 EASB Pro Ticket Semi Final
2007 EASB Pro Ticket (last 16)
2003 EASB U18's (last 16)
1997 & 1998 EASB U15's (last 16 twice)


2008/9 Gold Waistcoat Tour Overall Winner
2008/9 Gold Waistcoat Tour Event Winner (Twice)
2007/8 Gold Waistcoat Tour Event Winner
2006/7 Gold Waistcoat Tour Overall Runner-up
2006/7 Gold Waistcoat Tour Event Winner
2006/7 Silver Waistcoat Tour Overall Winner
2006/7 Silver Waistcoat Tour Event Winner (Twice)
2006/7 Gold Waistcoat Tour Event Winner
2005/6 Silver Waistcoat Tour Event Winner
Devon U19 Junior Championship (Winner & Runner-up)
Represented Devon at Snooker Junior U19's
Keynsham Open Winner


1997/8 Exeter Under 16 Youth Champion
1998/9 Tiverton Under 21 Youth Champion