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Sam's SharePoint Farm Monitoring Tool 2.0 - Released

Please click here to download the V2.0 tool. You can post your comments here

Download Link:

Sam's SharePoint Performance Monitoring tool helps the SharePoint administrator to monitor the SharePoint 2016 server, SharePoint 2013 server and SharePoint 2010 Server Environments. This tool monitors IIS, CPU, SharePoint Foundation, Disk I/O, Cache, CLR Memory, Web Service, SQL Instance and many more. Also this tool analyze and export reports for IIS logs, Event Logs and ULS logs more effectively. Most of the features of this tool are:


  • Monitor Server object and IIS objects like Application Pool, Disc Space, SharePoint Services, Physical/Virtual Memory, Worker Process, CPU, Network, current connections, Last Boot Up time, Database Error Events etc.
  • Monitor Memory performance like Garbage Collector, CLR Memory Consumption etc.
  • Monitor SharePoint Foundation performance like SQL query executing time,  Responded Page request rate,  Reject Page Request rate etc.
  • Monitor SQL Instance performance like Page life expectancy,  Buffer cache hit ratio, Processes Blocked, Lock Waits/sec etc.
  • Monitor Disk I/O performance like % Disk Time, % Idle Time,  Current Disk Queue Length, Disk Reads/sec etc.
  • Monitor Cache Performance like Cache API Hit Ratio, Cache API Trims, Publishing Cache flushes/sec, Publishing Cache hit ratio etc.
  • Monitor Web Service Performance like Bytes Total/sec, Anonymous  Users/sec, Connection Attempts/sec etc.
  • Monitor Domain Controller Performance for Servers like Average Semaphore Hold time, Semaphore Acquires, Semaphore Timeouts etc.
  • Monitor ASP.NET Application Performance like Request Not Authorized, Request Failed, Request not Found etc.
  • Monitor Excel, InfoPath and Office Web Apps performance. 
  • Real time performance Monitoring and Show the trend report.
  • Export the Snapshot of the server and make baseline and compare between the servers.
  • Analyze IIS logs and Export various reports like Most Browser Used, Time Taken For Page Requests, Daily Bandwidth, Top Visitors for a site, Unique Users for Application, Domain Users for Application etc.
  • Analyze ULS logs and filter SharePoint errors more effectively.
  • Analyze Event Logs for more than one server and check SharePoint Error Events for Search, Database, User Profile, Permission, SMTP, BDC, STS etc.
  • Basic and Advanced Reports.
  • Monitor all the Server objects without login to each server.
  • Easy to Monitor Large SharePoint Farms (more than 20 servers).
  • Monitor SharePoint farm from your own desktop.
  • Monitor all the servers in the farm on one click through Farm Excel Sheet.
  • Tool is fast and robust because of PowerShell calls and Asynchronous Operations.
  • Start Auto Refresh and it shows results in an interval.
Few Screenshots:

Start Page:
Start Page

Monitor Farm Page

SharePoint Foundation Peformance

SQL Service Performance

Web Service Performance

Disk Performance

Cache Performance

ASP.NET Performance

Sandboxed Process Performance

Live CPU Monitoring

Take Snapshots and Compare with Baseline

Basic Reports

Analyse IIS Logs

Analyse SharePoint Event Logs

Analyse ULS logs

Free version the tool will be released soon.