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Sam's SharePoint Farm Monitoring Tool 1.0

Sam's SharePoint Farm Monitoring Tool 1.0 is to monitor SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 farm servers and indicate to take action against the objects


Applicable to: SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 Farm

1. SharePoint Server monitoring

2. Monitor IIS

3. Monitor Database Connection and SQL server

4. Monitor Network and Domain Controller

5. Monitor SharePoint Objects

6. Verify State of Server, IIS, Database and Network objects and show the indicator to take action.

7. Administration Panel

8.    Auto Refresh Feature

9.    Live Monitoring


1.      Monitor SharePoint Performance

2.       Run this tool in any machine from the network.

3.       Monitor all the Server objects without login to each server.

4.       Easy to Monitor Large SharePoint Farms (More than 10 servers)

5.       Monitor SharePoint farm from your own desktop

6.       Indicator will show to take action against objects

7.       Tool is fast and robust because of PowerShell calls and Asynchronous Operations.

8.       Monitor all the servers in the farm on one click by filling the Farm Sheet(as like below).

9.   Start Auto Refresh and it will show you the results in an interval

10.  Live Monitoring feature is easy to see and take action again the objects

Tool Screenshot:

Monitor SharePoint Servers in the Farm

·         Monitor Disk Space in the server.

·         Monitor Physical Memory in the server.

·         Monitor Virtual Memory in the server.

·         Monitor CPU in the server.

·         Monitor Memory (Private Working Set) for Worker Processes in the server.

·         Monitor Event Log in the server.

o   Top 10 Event logs with Entry type Error

·         Monitor Memory (Private Working Set)

o   Top 5 Process consuming highest memory

·         Monitor Garbage Collector : % time in GC

·         Monitor Memory Consumptions in Heap

·         Monitor ASP.NET requests (Succeed and Rejected)

·         Monitor Process Threads and Handlers

·         Monitor Server last boot up time

Monitor IIS

·         Monitor Application Pools in the server

o   Stopped Application Pool(s) in IIS

·         Monitor Web Sites in the server

o   Stopped Web Site(s) in IIS

·         Monitor Worker Process current requests in the server

·         Monitor Current Connections in the Server

·         Monitor Get Requests/sec

·         Monitor Bytes Sent/sec

·         Monitor Bytes Received/sec

Monitor Database Connection and SQL Server

·         Monitor Database Connection State in SharePoint Server

·         Monitor Sql Query Executing  time in SharePoint Server

·         Monitor Executing Sql Queries in SharePoint Server

·         Monitor Buffer cache hit ratio in SQL Server

·         Monitor Page life expectancy in SQL Server

·         Monitor Checkpoint pages/sec in SQL Server

·         Monitor Batch Requests/sec in SQL Server

·         Monitor SQL Compilations/sec in SQL Server

·         Monitor SQL Re-Compilations/sec in SQL Server

·         Monitor User Connections in SQL Server

·         Monitor Processes blocked in SQL Server

·         Monitor Lock Waits/sec in SQL Server

·         Monitor Page Splits/sec in SQL Server

Monitor Network and Domain Controller

·         Monitor Network Utilization State in the SharePoint server

·         Monitor Semaphore value of Domain Controller

Monitor SharePoint Objects

·         Monitor SharePoint Services

·         Monitor Active Threads

·         Monitor Incoming Page Requests Rate

·         Monitor Reject Page Requests Rate

·         Monitor Current Page Requests

·         Monitor Executing Time/Page Request

·         Monitor Responded Page Requests Rate

Administration Panel

·         Change the parameters and threshold limit of monitoring objects

·         Specify specific servers to monitor the objects

Visit to my blog link to download the tool and share your feedback.