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Sam's SharePoint Site Monitoring Tool V2.0

New Features in SharePoint Site Monitoring Tool V2.0.
  • Test a SharePoint site from selected WFE servers.
  • Test a SharePoint site with Server Load Balancing(in case of multiple WFE servers).
  • Test a SharePoint site and verify the test properties. Please see below for test properties.
  • Test a SharePoint site and export the test properties.
  • Test a SharePoint site and get the SharePoint GUID which helps in finding detailed information from SharePoint ULS log. 
    • Use auto-generated Merge-SPLogFile Command(from test properties) to run directly in SharePoint farm to get the test specific logs(merge log file). 
    • Use the same merge log file to get the execution time of each function using Log Parser Command(from detailed properties) which may help is finding the actual root cause of the application performance.
  • Browse a SharePoint site from a specific WFE server to verify the source(html/text) in Text View Tab.
  • Browse a SharePoint site from a specific WFE server to verify the UI in Browse Tab.
  • Type a command to perform Ping operation.
  • Type a command to perform NSLOOKUP operation.
  • Clear internet explorer cache.
  • Perform Flush DNS.
 Pre-requisites of this tool: Prepare the Site Monitoring Excel Sheet and Import it. Click here to download the sample excel sheet template.

Test Properties
Property Name Property Value
Server Name SPSERVER01
Date 2/4/2017 7:02
ContentType text/html; charset=utf-8
Method GET
Is Mutually Authenticated FALSE
Protocol Version 1.1
Server Microsoft-IIS/7.5
Status Code OK
Status Description OK
SharePoint Version
SharePoint Correlation ID df1464ed-e6c7-4525-8b30-50h3ea7871da
SharePoint Health Score 0
Authentication NTLM
Persistent Auth TRUE
Content Length 126521 Bytes
ASP.Net Version 2.0.50727
Absolute Path /Default.aspx
Absolute Uri
DNS Safe Host
IsLoopback FALSE
HostNameType Dns
Port 80
Scheme http
User Info  
Cookies Count 0
Number of SharePoint WebParts 6
Load Time in Second 3.5754414
Merge-SPLogFileCommand Merge-SPLogFile -Correlation 'df1464ed-e6c7-4525-8b30-50h3ea7871da' -StartTime '02/04/2017 07:02:06' -EndTime '02/04/2017 07:03:06' -Path 'C:\SPULSlog_df1464ed-e6c7-4525-8b30-50h3ea7871da.txt'
LogParserCommandForExecutionTimeOfEachFunction SELECT Top 5000 Message FROM 'C:\SPULSlog_df1464ed-e6c7-4525-8b30-50h3ea7871da.txt' where Message like '%Execution Time=%'

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