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The Queen of Spanking !


Samantha Woodley is one of the best and most popular actress in spanking movies.
 ( I think she is also the most beautiful woman in the world !

 She corresponds to my personal idea of perfection, this is obviously my opinion but I am sure not to be the only one) 
Her face is very attractive and intriguiging, her body simply perfect, and her bottom is the best a person can image!
Who has never dreamt about spanking it ?
I dream about it every moment of my life ...

And what about her acting capabilities ... uniqe !
I want show her to people who unfortunately don't still know her.
I want to show her beauty and her talent to people who know her only as a spanking model.
At last, I would like to say thanks to her, for what she gives to her fans:

Thank you, queen of spanking !

Mr. Belt


"Sam' s bottom, is something special, something incredible...something very, very great"




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