In the students' words...

"Samantha made this course a success. She encouraged her students to engage with the material in interesting ways. Throughout the semester, she responded to her students' comments on how to improve the course, and each class was better than the next. I will strongly recommend that other UVA students take classes led by Samantha, and I hope that I will have opportunity to do so as well."

Introduction to Child Psychology Student, Spring 2011

"Samantha's the best and I am not biased. She's just a really down to earth, approachable, and knowledgeable TA. She is genuinely concerned about her students and it shows. She is truly tries to help and get her students to learn the material of the course."

Research Methods and Data Analysis I Student, Fall 2009

“This course really opened my eyes to the diversity of parenthood and it's definitely been one of the courses that I took at the University that has given me a broader outlook on the world. So thank you!”

Contemporary Parenthood, Fall 2012

Contemporary Parenthood Class
University of Virginia
Fall 2012

"I don't know if this was unique to our section, but I really felt Samantha made it easy for everyone to really have a discussion. No one shouted over each other, but also no one felt the need to raise their hand or anything. Samantha also did a good job of adding in her own opinions and professional experiences while being careful to not monopolize the conversation."

Introduction to Child Psychology Student, Spring 2009

“The lectures were informative and covered interesting topics. The lingering questions system is a great innovation, and I wish more professors had this option. The use of documentaries and videos was quite helpful and fun. The panels were FANTASTIC, and I learned so much from being able to ask listen to and ask questions of people who were living our course material.”

Contemporary Parenthood Student, Fall 2012

"Samantha makes a dry subject interesting. I had heard terrifying things about the PSYC 3005/3006 series, especially about the labs. Samantha made the experience not only bearable, but I actually enjoyed going to lab, in spite of the fact that it was at 9am."

Research Methods and Data Analysis I Student, Fall 2010