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 Dr. Charlotte Patterson

 Professor of Psychology University of Virginia
 Dr. Robert Emery Professor of Psychology University of Virginia
 Dr. Henny Bos Assistant Professor of Childhood Education and Family Support University of Amsterdam
 Dr. Rachel FarrResearch Associate
 University of Massachusetts- Amherst
 Dr. Suzanne Johnson

 Professor of Psychology Dowling College
 Dr. Elizabeth O'Conner

 Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychology Dowling College
 Dr. Rachel Riskind

Assistant ProfessorGuilford College
 Bernadette Blanchfield

 Doctoral Student University of Virginia
 David J. Lick

 Doctoral Student
(Former undergraduate collaborator)
 University of California, Los Angeles
(University of Virginia)
 Jenna Rowen

 Doctoral Student University of Virginia

 Doctoral Student University of Virginia
 Jason Sumontha Doctoral Student University of Virginia
 Bailey Ocker

 Lab Coordinator University of Virginia
 Stacy Kruczkowski

Graduate Student
(Former undergraduate collaborator)
University of Massachusetts
(University of Virginia)
 Wilson Pillow
 Undergraduate Student  University of Virginia

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