Family, Sexual Orientation, Gender, and Development Lab

Research in the family, sexual orientation, gender, and development lab focuses on an array of issues related to sexual orientation, gender, human development, and family lives. How does sexual orientation and gender influence family formation and individual development? How do variations (e.g., pathways to parenthood or division of unpaid labor) and changes (e.g., divorce) in family composition relate to family members’ development and functioning? What are the experiences of sexual and gender minority individuals compared to their cisgender heterosexual peers? What are the unique challenges, strengths, and issues among this population? How can we harvest the resiliency and minimize the risk impacting LGBTQA+ people and their lives? 

Several studies are underway now. I welcome the involvement of motivated, organized, efficient, and friendly undergraduate students as part of our research team. Research assistants will work closely with Dr. Tornello, and their duties may include reading original research studies, preparing materials for new studies, transcribing and coding data, and assisting in data analysis. There are also opportunities for advanced RAs to develop their own projects.

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