Saman Sepehri

N  Saman Sepehri Nejad
T  +1 385 [4*111] 5928
E  SamanSepehri[AT]gmail[DOT]com 
Hi everyone,

I am a PhD student in Computer Science at University of Utah working under supervision of Prof. Kavan. I started my PhD studies in Jan 2017, long way to go :)

I finished my Master degree in Computer Engineering-Artificial Intelligence, at University of Tabriz, in 2014. I am enthusiastically interested in Computer Graphics and Computer Animation fields of study with special focus on Non-photorealistic Rendering.

My other interests are 3D Computer Graphics and artistic modeling and  representation. In addition, I am a professional graphic designer with almost 10 years of design experience.

My major concern is to use my scientific knowledge to facilitate the process of designing for expert artists and bring the passion of art for nonprofessional users. Computer-generated art is my favorite interest when it comes to combining art and science.

I hope that this web page provides you with some useful information about my works. 

Have fun ;)