About me

Saman Naderiparizi

I lead a small hardware team at Apple Seattle office. Before joining Apple, I was the head of hardware engineering team at XNOR AI, a Seattle-based startup company which was acquired by Apple. Before joining XNOR AI, I graduated with my PhD from the Electrical Engineering department of the University of Washington in March 2018. During my PhD I worked with Prof. Joshua Smith in the Sensor Systems lab. The main focus of my research was on ultra-low-power communication and system design for IoT applications. Particularly I tried to make smart cameras battery-free. These cameras harvest their energy from ambient electromagnetic signals and can wirelessly transmit their data. 

I have been one of the finalist for Microsoft Research 2016 PhD fellowship. About 32 grad students out of more than 200 nominated from accredited US and Canada Universities were selected for the final round of this fellowship award.

During Spring/Summer 2015, Summer 2016 and Summer 2017 I did three internships at Microsoft Research working on a low-power wearable vision system (Glimpse) under supervision of Dr. Matthai Philipose

Before joining Sensor Systems Lab on September 2013, I got my BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology in July 2013. My BS project was to design and implement a microprocessor based system which takes the ECG as input and process it to detect arrhythmia. I worked on this project under Prof. Ali Fotowat.

You can find my updated resume here. Last updated April 2018.