Samad Sarferaz

ETH Zurich, KOF Swiss Economic Institute

Head of Research Division Data Science and Macroeconometric Methods

Research fields: Empirical Macroeconomics, Bayesian Time Series Econometrics and Quantitative Economic History

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Measuring Macroeconomic Uncertainty: A Cross-Country Analysis, with Andreas Dibiasi,

European Economic Review, forthcoming. Click here to download our data.

Can GDP Measurement Be Further Improved? Data Revision and Reconciliation, with Jan Jacobs, Jan-Egbert Sturm and Simon van Norden,

Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, 2022, 40, 423-431.

Identification of Financial Factors in Economic Fluctuations, with Francesco Furlanetto and Francesco Ravazzolo,

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Monetary-Fiscal Policy Interaction and Fiscal Inflation: A Tale of Three Countries, with Martin Kliem and Alexander Kriwoluzky,

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Tracking Down Germany’s Pre-World War I Business Cycle: A Dynamic Factor Model for 1820-1913, with Martin Uebele,

Explorations in Economic History, 2009, 46(3), pp. 368–387.

Working Papers

Uncertainty and Information Acquisition: Evidence from Firms and Households, with Heiner Mikosch, Chris Roth and Johannes Wohlfahrt,

Conditionally accepted, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics.

Ex-Post Identification of Trends and Cycles in Large Datasets, with Florian Eckert,

Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Applied Econometrics.

Uncertainty Shocks, Adjustment Costs and Firm Beliefs: Evidence From a Representative Survey, with Andreas Dibiasi and Heiner Mikosch.

Revise and Resubmit, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics.

What Do Firm Managers Tell Us About the Transmission Channels of Oil Price Shocks?, with Matthias Bannert, Dirk Drechsel and Heiner Mikosch.