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Dharmacakkra Children's Home


With the accommodation in a comfortable and well looked after home we want to offer orphaned children as well as for children from problem families a happy environment to grow up.


Our first children's home was opened on the 29th November 1998 in the presence of the president of Sri Lanka. This home is exclusively housing boys and offers approximately 100 children accommodation.


In the beginning of 2005 we started the construction of a second children's home on our site in Bandaragama, which meanwhile is completed. This home is exclusively for girls, which shall be prepared for a independent live by a family environment and good educational opportunity and has accommodated 9 girls so far. The girls' home was open in 2008.



The costs for clothing, food, health care, education, etc. amount to approx. 35 US-Dollars per child per month. The Dharma Chakkra Child Foundation is raising the fund to meet the expenses.