The Prayer and it's Practice


 ‘Rasaai’, is the word of Persian language, which means – ‘entrance’ or ‘approach’. In this work many times, the word ‘khayaal’ or thought has been used in the sense of ‘connection’. Here ‘connection’ means to connect where HE (God) is. I am there and where I am, HE is there. One cannot reach this stage so easily. Before the stage of ‘merger’, the process of approach has to be followed. Unless this practice is mastered, it is difficult to reach the stage of ‘merger’. This stage consists of courtesy, humility, sensibility and concentration.
In order to explain it in a more simple way, we’ll compare it with a King’s court. Those people who know the procedure of entering the King’s court, they can understand the rules better. Code of conduct, discipline of entering the King’s court is different. You have to be appropriately dressed for the occasion.

The way you salute, the way you stand, the way you speak etc, everything has to be learnt well in advance. Courtesy not only has to be remembered but also followed strictly.

If you haven’t got the experience of entering the King’s court, then sometime or the other in your life you must’ve got a chance to meet some high authority. Interviews are conducted for different reasons, and people who take interviews have different mentalities. Everybody prepares and gets ready to face interviews as per their status. Still, some basic etiquette have to be followed, for example, proper haircut is a must if the hair have grown longer, they must be combed properly, dress up properly and look presentable; send the request through a peon to meet. When you are called inside, then only you go. Those who go for the first time they get nervous and their palpitation of heart increases.

You have to actually prepare yourself before you actually meet. Special care is taken to see that everything is said and done according the set rules, so that ‘Saahib’ does not get annoyed.

After reaching there, salute and stand in a disciplined manner and wait for your turn to speak. You speak only when you are asked to do so. Sit only if you are asked to sit, speak precisely and accurately without repeating the matter which you have already uttered and speak only what you are supposed to do so. Remember to speak only to the point. After finishing the talk, taking care of basic etiquette, pay thanks and come out of the room. It means that every minute physical and behavior-related (both kinds of) discipline is required.

Most important point, which we must pay attention to, is that whenever you get a chance to meet and greet to the King of the Kings, the God almighty’s representatives (Guru), all etiquette and good manners must be followed.

‘Clarity of heart’ means during the concentration in ‘Muraakabah’ or meditation, as far as possible, keeps such thoughts away which are mixed with shame, fear or doubt. Try that no other bad thought, which can pollute our inner self, enters our mind except the thought of God. Keep all thoughts away before practicing meditation. Just as you leave your bag and baggage outside before entering the King’s room and ensure that nothing from that stuff goes inside. This is etiquette and is called ‘Clarity and emptiness of heart’.

Nobody can enter the interview room without permission and sit without salutation. Before sitting, stand for a while, when you are asked to sit, thank and then sit very properly. Sit like an attendant with respect for your master, just as Hanuman ji is shown sitting in Shri Ram darbaar (Panchayat) with head bowed down.