Real goal of human life


“The real goal of human life is to merge in to the entity of God and to annihilate one’s self in to that state and establish the eternity therein. This is par excellence and the ideal.”

The aim of human life is alike a householder doing all the duties expected from him as per his religion, in a manner such as he is passing though a journey but without involving his own self, leading a simple life, keeping the thoughts clean, and achieve the heights of the Supreme Being in a state of eternal polarization before creation and then merge with God.

There are four stages in which a person can be said to be established with God-
1. He reaches in the world- a division of the Universe of God, which is called ‘saalokyataa’.
2. He reaches closer to God which is called ‘saamipyataa’.
3. He attains the same form of God which is called ‘saarupyataa’.
4. He completely merges himself with God which is called ‘saayujjyataa’.

A criticaster reader can take liberty to argue that if HE ( the supreme being) “wajude mutlak” meaning thereby, that the One whose existence is absolutely free and despotic and who is out of limits of mind and intellect, He the “haadis”, meaning thereby, does not ever-present and omnipresent. A fundamental principle is also, which says - what we learn through our organs, is physical and can’t live forever. Therefore one who is “wajude mutlak” how can HE be “haadis”?

This objection is not baseless. But those who do the internal practices, it is quite likely that they must have known the elementary form of God through practice, but for others it is still a mystery. Before revealing this mystery, it is very important also to understand the scientific point that if we want to join two things we definitely need a third thing to establish their contact. In this context it is called “tawajjoh” (Glow or a warm feeling of emotion) and “surat”. A person can establish oneness with God, through the process of ascending and descending of the “tawajjoh” and “surat”. The confirmation of this equation is-
Ø The consciousness, which performs the act of establishing the contact and gives it strength, is called ‘surat’ or ‘tawajjoh’.
Ø One who can establish the contact is called a exercitant; and
Ø The one with whom the contact is established is called GOD or the Supreme Being or “Maalike kul”.
This way when the exercitant, after completing the definite path of Spirituality, finally he gets the touch of the Supreme Being, it is called ‘saalokyataa’ and its later stage is called ‘saarupyataa’ or the  form of God.

‘Saarupyataa’ is the stage, in which the exercitant, having absolute merger in One and start living with the oneness with God. This way the person becomes one with God after absolute surrender to Him. It gets difficult to discriminate between God and him. Here one gets the intelligibility of ‘visaal’ or ‘parinay’, which is the state of ‘tadrupataa’, meaning thereby, the state of The Supreme Being in a state of eternal polarization before creation.  

‘Visaal’ or ‘spiritual marriage’ is that divine experience in which a devotee with all his personal strength gets completely merged with that absolute divine pleasure. He does not feel that he has a separate identity. We can’t have complete real merger in God without such ‘spiritual marriage’.

‘Spiritual marriage’ which is also called ‘relation with Brahma’ or ‘approach in excellence’ with God, has five stages-
1. First of all is recollection, which means, to remember God, approaching towards same form, which is called ‘tadrupataa’. This feeling (tadrupataa), step by step, gets so intense that it becomes a part & parcel of one’s internal and natural state of intuition.
2. At that time one comes in to the state of quietude. The mind does not move anywhere else. He does not want to leave away, anywhere.
3. The steady does achieve the state of Supreme Being and then only it becomes the real ‘Union’. I the ‘Union’, there become the abundance of the beatific state of happiness.
4. Within the inner self, there comes forth the apparition of prodigious ecstasy mixed with dependence. This ecstasy is always ‘Spiritual’. It is the stage of extreme pleasure that the ecstasy makes one forget his/her own physical body and the devotee becomes one with God just like color mixed in water, sugar in milk or salt in the sea.
5. Now comes forth the stage of rapture. Here noun of the devotee converts in a lover, here he gets the separation of God, in the form of benediction. After getting this benediction, the lover becomes almost nothing and then being uncovered remain dependent on One God only.
At this stage the mental state of the exercitant becomes such that every time and everywhere he starts feeling the divine presence of his/her ideal or Spiritual Master and in that very state wanders around. Jesus Christ had chosen to be crucified after drinking the same nectar of love and Meera chose to drink the deadly poison thinking that it was the nectar like water of Lord Krishna’s foot wash.

The last stage is of ‘Saayujjyataa’ or the stage of being annihilation in the entity of God. In this state Lover and beloved become ‘one’. To experience this ultimate feeling of love, it is very important to leave all the viewable dualities of the whole world, and hidden behind many form of names, one come in to the contact of Luminous Beatific-vision.  One has to go beyond all divisions, boundaries, changes, death, catastrophe and destruction, there is citadel of ‘Most beloved One’, and then after going beyond all the visible dualities, one can reach, but there is no way to come back. Kabir’s school of spirituality, there is stead fast and unbreakable detachment, which does not allow him to indulge in it, that is why, on same strength, after arriving in the realm of the Master, lying on the bed of him, he has said-“now I have become immortal and won’t die again.”

Experiencing all this elaborations, after completion of the whole journey, the ‘Sufis’ have named it, “Sayer”.