Parampujya Laalaaji's Vasihatnama


“May God keep our intentions conscientious and may the results be in accordance with the canons set by our chiefs and religious preceptors. Amen! Amen! Amen!”

“Life is not permanent. We know not when the breath would stop. Hence, I am writing certain things by way of a will, with a hope that after me, my dear children, if God grant them courage and by the grace of God, will act according to my wish given herein. All depend on Him.”

“SD/- Fakir Ramchandra

Fatehgarh; dated October 23, 1930”

For Dear Jag Mohan Narain;

1. “Right since the beginning, stages after stages of the mystic journey, you have to reach up to the level of perfection. This should accomplish only through your spiritual-master”.
(Marginalia) If by any mischance, you do not get the opportunity to do so, and you have to journey to the other world, then Brother Brijmohan Laal (may God bless him) is the first person to perform this work. You should not behave in indifferent manner with him in any case. Co-operate him whole-heartedly to complete this work. I am sure that he would not leave any stone unturned to do your work.

2. “As far as I know, my spiritual-master Hazrat Quiblaa has given an indication to me that my son Jag Mohan Narain is a clean chit, right from his birth and has attained subtlest of subtle condition of the heart-region (Qulb). However, in my opinion, the journey to such point is, currently, incomplete. He should attain the same.”

“There is difference between ‘genetic-lineage’ and the ‘lineage of adhesion’. In the ‘genetic-lineage’, there is not much need for education and labor. On the contrary, in the ‘lineage of adhesion’ there needs training and does achieve after many years of practice. There is, always, the danger of falling down too, in this case. By God’s grace, the inner progress (of my son) is under direct care of my Hazrat Quiblaa (my spiritual-master). May God keep the result of His Divine Blessings, intact.”

“My son should be grateful for the Divine Blessings showered upon him and he should always be humble, because the giver of the blessings is Omnipotent, and as he has given the blessings, so also He can take it bake, at His Will.”

3. “This humble self, so far  it was intelligible to me, widely studied the philosophy and faith of different religions, but has found, from the ways and means of my Masters, that if we stick to the tenets taught by Him, it can well be hoped to remain life-like up till last.”

“I confess, I have not been following these canons up till now, to the words. However, I have accepted them from the core of my heart. I am sad that not even a single associate of mine could dare to accept them. Perhaps it was all along my mistake that I never placed them face to face. Nevertheless, I have been discussing such subjects from time to time. I do not know how many of them were able to listen and could grasp the same.”

“It is evident that the offspring are becoming weaker after every generation, when compared to their ancestors. Similarly, there may also be a fall in matters of spirituality and etiquette. However, this is not the fundamental rule once-for-all. God’s grace confined to no limit. At times, a strong lad, similar to the generic structure alike of five hundred years ago, may take birth from a weak parent.”