Salvo Reina

Nationality : Italian
Date of Birth : January 10th 1960
Location : Genoa and Rome, Italy

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March 1996  Discipline expert (Cultore della Materia) and Suppler Member of exam commission for Applied Microbiology. MFN Science Faculty, University of Genoa, Italy
1989-1990   Entitled PhD in Biological Science as Principal Investigator. Laboratory of Tumor Cell Biology, National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health, Bethedsa, Maryland, USA
1984-1986   Regina Elena Institute, Rome. Post Doct fellowships
1980-1984   University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Rome Academic Degree (Laurea) in Biological Science. Final mark 106/110
1974-1979    High School Francesco Severi, Rome


Professional Qualifications

CISM/CISA (Certified Information System Manager/Auditor) ISACA exam with Italian Chapter scheduled on Dec 2006 in Rome
Jun 2006    Lead Auditor for Information Security System ISO27001 BSI-IRCA (BSI-Italy, Monza May 2006);
Sep 2002    Auditor and project revision for VIA (Environmental Impact Evaluation) scheme. Architectural crisis and risk analysis evaluator. Milan. Politecnico, University of Milan, Italy
Nov 1998    Lead Auditor for Environmental Management System ISO 14001 (RINA, Genoa, 99178-51159);
May 1985    Chartered Biologist (European Registry of professionals)

Further Experiences   

Jun 2001  Epidemiology and Biostatistics consultant (ECM degree of Ministry of Health) - Siracusa, Italy (Mediterranean School for epidemiology University of Milan, Italy)
Sep 1990  Operator for Bio-safety procedure in Animal facilities and laboratory experimentation . Litton Bionetics Inc.,  Kensington, and NCI. Bethesda, Maryland, USA
May 1990  Quality Assurance Manager in Diagnostics and reagents production accreditation scheme. Organon Tecnica Corp Durham, North Caroline, USA (May 1990)
Oct 1989    Instruments and analytic operator  in Biohazard and biosafety. Protection Level 3, BSL3. Dupont de Nemours (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)


After decades of academical projects and contractual consultancy Dott. Reina has achieved a relevant ability in dealing with high-technological multiple competence contexts. Educational supervising and senior project management activities were achieved with multiracial people interaction to convene under a sober harmonisation of articulated situation. Common interests of company policy and smooth technology integration was accomplished by improving human relationships and technical know-how transfer. Dott. Reina has learned how to motivate and address personalities value toward a collaborative workgroup.
Such personality’s style allowed to gain collaborator trust, maintain a consolidated technical esteem, thus achieving a profitable work success.

Affiliation & Membership

SIMMOC - AMCLI    Academic membership as microbiologist for clinical and basic research
ECBA and ONB    Member of the Italian and European Society of the Biologist
ISSA - CISO    Information Systems Security Association Webcast member for Global Information Protection Strategies


Languages    Italian, English (verbal Portuguese)

Systems      Applications:   

Third parties and internally developed front-office and middle-office systems.  Analysis and design of processes as product manager for software life-cycle
Infrastructure: HP-UX, Xenix, Linux installation (SUSE, Mandrake); Windows Servers (2000/2003 LDAP)
Network: Cisco and US-Robotics routers/firewall security, RAS / VPNs (UDP)
Databases: Any OLEDB compliant DB Engine via ADO and COM+ interface
Web: Apache, Abyss and IIS
Security: Nessus, IIS, Tiger-suite, Ethereal, NetView.
Development: SQL, Visual Basic, shell programming, bio-perl, prolog, smalltalk, Ruby.  Custom Visual Basic client/server apps based on ODBC and ADO with Oracle, and MS SQL databases and scientific algorithm modules

Business Experience

Company Consultant – R & D support, Quality Assurance and training

Jan 2005 – today    Security IT manager - PA.MO.TER. Scral Genoa, Italy. Data Protection System and privacy (Legislative Decree no.196/2003); Network System administration; Automation of AutoCAD meta-classification and authoring of projecting operator. Documentation, training and encryption software for data retention security.
Feb 2005 – today    Security IT manager CO.SMO. Srl Genoa, Italy    Data Protection System and privacy (Legislative Decree no.196/2003)Documentation, training and software cryptology for data retention security Intranet and WEB for data subjects
March 2004  - Jun 2005    Security consultant Studio Buono Srl Marine & Cargo Surveyors  Gaeta (Latina; Contec Srl Marine Surveyors (Genoa); Interconsult s.a.s (Bari); Vanini & c sas (Milan); Technomarine & engineering consulting Srl (Rome) SST Srl (Naples), Arecco Srl (Alessandria). Responsible for Data Protection System and privacy (Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/03). Documentation, training and software cryptology for data retention security (two–years audit programme) for AIPERT membership
Nov 2003 – Jul 2005    Security IT manager. MEDIASOFT SRL, Genoa, Italy, CENTROUNO ACCESSORI SRL, Mingucci Srl. Workshop and training courses on IT Data Protection and Security Availabilitye-commerce and trading transaction security.Training for EDP manager and customer audit with internet software maintenance (Genoa, Alessandria and Milan VPN/IDS) Decree no.196/2003.
Mar 2003 - today    Security and privacy system consultant. Alessandro Gaeta Srl (Bolzaneto, Genoa), Study for Environmental impact evaluation (VIA-ISO14000 compliance) and dangerous substance registry; ERP software analysis for and commercial selling dept.; Audit of Data Protection System (Legislative Decree no.196/2003); video surveillance logs notification (H.323 and SIP) and compliance
Mar 2003 – Mar 2004    Security and privacy policy consultant: A.I.Per.T. ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA PERITI TRASPORTI (Rome, Genoa) Association of Conveyance Surveyors). Data Protection System (Legislative Decree no.196/2003) Nationwide Corporate Policy for membership: Data Quality, Sensitive data safeguard and IT data storage guide-lines Web documentation, Code of Conduct statement. Project and development of software platform for Italian Registry of Incidents and judicial office registration
Sep 2001 – Jun 2005    Software Product Manager Studio Mangini Srl (Genoa, Italy). IT Security manager, Remote Storage System, Privacy documentation and audit scheme (Legislative Decree no.196/2003).
Apr 2001 – Oct 2002    Software Product Manager: Codex Sas , Genoa, Italy. VIROCQ and VIROAQ original Software : AQ quality improvement and QC laboratory report for AQ manager. Shareware version of the program has been distributed over hundred of calibration and AQ labs for standard verification and standard lots production of analytical reagent SPC (Statistical Process Control)
Feb 2003 – Oct 2004    Software Product Manager. Omnirei Srl, Genoa, Italy. System Auditor 2.0 – unified IDS data protection and WMI policy automation for network administrator. Training on personal data protection guide lines and customer and distributed  installation
Jan 2001 – Dec 2002    Senior contractor. FIAT, Voltri Terminal Europe (VTE) and Consortium for Intermodal Logistic Training (CFLI) (Genoa, Venice - Italy). Internal Audit plan (ISO7870,7966), incident key performer evaluation and audit of Quality Improvement; incident and fault reports of safety management system (Decree 626/94) Prevention for occupational safety surveillance on intranet
May 2000 – May 2001    Senior expert : DA.Laura Srl, Turin, Italy Software for Administrative procedure controller of commercial money transaction and cash-flow validation. Automation for employees calendar control and monitoring.
Oct  2000 – May 2001     Software Platform Manager: Business Innovation Center BIC, Genoa, Italy BIC” FOM/REG/795/221099 – Liguria District, enterprise business planning for young entrepreneur. Management software and financial project.
Jun 2000     Lecturer and trainer:  Sinter Find S.c.r.l.,  Potenza, Italy 14-22 March, 2000. Course tutorial on integrate Quality Systems : EMAS, ISO14000 and ISO9000 and security scheme of Decree 626/94
May 2000 – Oct 2000    Lecturer and trainer: Sinter & Net S.c.r.l., Rome, Italy . Progetto SIMPAQ – Italian Minister For Scientific Research (MURST). Training Programme for industrial operator awareness on integrated systems for Total Quality management in Italian PMI
Dic 1999 – today    Software manager. GideaRealm Ltd (London, GB) and Arkè Srl (Genoa, Italy). Database management and sensitive Data Warehouse Controls and On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) for medical records security.
Jul 1997 Jul 1998    Lecturer and trainer: Genesis Srl (Milan). 2 Oct – 11 Dic. Seminar tutor on industrial safety and security according to Italian Decree 626/94. Training and tutorial for RSS in charge people

Academics and scientific works

Jan 2002 until today    Scientific expert: Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Galliera Hospital, Genoa, Italy. Data Protection System (Legislative Decree no.196/2003) Data retention and safeguard of patients record software
June 2003 – Nov 2005    Project supervisor for Nationwide Italian Ministry of Health and Istituto Superiore di Sanità (scientific committee) Serono Pharmaceutical S.p.A. (sponsor). Assisted Medical Procreation and Assisted Reproductive Medicine Italian registry. Software project and development, network architecture and Keys Performance definitions. RIPROSOFT PROJECT. IT platform for audit criteria for centres clinical and medical performances and standard unification (L.40/2004)
June 2001 Jul 2001    Scientific consultant: Laboratory of Virology, S. Raffaele Hospital, Ville Turro, HSR, Milano. IT System Manager and internal auditor of Serological  AQ; Electronic banking and data retention software; bio-statistics and epidemiology consultant
Aug 2001    International Cooperation representative. Biotech System Network tutor for WHO ADAPT project (DGXII, CEE). Blood bank in Bissau (Guinea Bissau): training for local physician on diagnostic AQ activities for serological detection and automated data acquisition.
May 1998 – Nov 2001    Government Invited Scientist: AIDS LTBC,NCI, National Institute of Health (Bethesda MD,USA), CDC, (Georgia, USA).    Principal investigator for animal model on HIV and basic research on AIDS. Project supervisor and scientific lecturer for USA government
Apr 1997 – Dec 1999    Senior contractor. Associazione della Ricerca sull’Handicap (AIRH) Genoa; FareImpresa Srl (Turin). SelPress Srl (Milan)     Software platform (Galleria 20 and ) for distributed remote revision of selected peer reviewed scientific publication. Relationships manager and coordinatorNetwork server in Milan acquired indexed TIFF article collection from editing officer in Turin and send FTP transmission to membership;
Mar 1996 – Nov 1998    Senior Researcher : University of Genoa. Di.S.C.A.T. Dept., Section of Microbiology. WEB based Student repositories and automated examination quiz; didactic portal of department
Feb 1986 – Oct 1991    Principal investigator. Institute of Microbiology, School of Medicine, University of Genoa, Italy. Senior Researcher : Virology and cell biology. Biosafety Protection Level 3 facilities and animal experimentation.

Software development and ICT services

May 2000 – June 2000    International Contractor: QC di kit diagnostici EIA della Organon e della ATZO (USA). Third party HIV-I and HIV-II double detection EIA analytic kit production. Quality assurance protocols and trial scheme development
Oct 1999 – Dec 2002    Senior expert for Quality Manager programme: SO.GE.DA Srl  Turin, Italy. Internal auditor for ISO9000 administrative procedures and network system manager. Training HACCP for food processing and distribution
Jul 1999     International Contractor: Biognostica Lda. Apartado 76101721-801 Afralgide Portugal. Rua Vasco da Gama, Lt 1832635-170 RIO DE MOURO. AQ quality improvement and QC laboratory report for AQ  manager (sw supplier) Shareware version of the program has been distributed over hundred of calibration and AQ labs for standard verification and standard lots production of analytical reagent SPC
Jan 1999 – Jan 2000    Lecturer and tutor: FIAT, Voltri Terminal Europe (VTE) and Consortium for Intermodal Logistic Training (CFLI)(Genoa, Venice - Italy)    Training and awareness of Environmental Management System (ISO14000 and EMAS), and Quality Assurance (ISO9000); Course on Statistical Process Control applied to AQ and Material Acceptance Depts . Compliance scheme according Council of Intermodal Shipping Consultants (C.I.S.Co.) standards
Sep 1998    Lecturer and trainer: ConfCooperative and INECOOP, Latina, Italy, April 15-19. Course on Biological risk and EMAS /EMAS 2 European Management and Audit Scheme. Training on occupational risk and prevention measures.
Aug 1998 – Apr 2000    Scientific consultant: AlfaBiotec/Ismunit (Rome), Wellcome Diagnostics (Rome), Ortho (Milan ).     Statistical Process Control Courses for pharmaceutical production and distribution. Tutorial for AQ manager of diagnostics and production labs(Used schemes  ISO 8258, 8595, 3207) CD4 CEE and GMP
Aug 1998 – Mar 2000    EMS supervisor: Champion-Cooper Automotive Filtration SpA Wagner Group and Cooper Automotive (Casarsa Ligure, Italy). Internal auditor for Environmental Management System (ISO14000), and Quality Assurance (ISO9000). Course on Statistical Process Control applied to AQ and Material Acceptance Depts; Risk analysis for EMS and editorial and revision of documents and policy
Sep 1997    Scientific consultant: Consorzio Velia and Basin Authority of the “Alento”, Salerno, Italy (Vallo di Diano, Campania District) UNESCO Park Audit. Environment impact studies  of “Alento”aqueduct and audit on water quality level. Bio-fouling monitor and outlier indicator control of basin depurator.Feasibility studies and audit plan for ISO14000 and EMAS compliance
Sep 1995 – Apr 1996    Project supervisor STANDA-SODEIM SPA , FININVEST GroupMilan, Italy. Software package VR626 for security report and SMS . Internal auditor consultant: Risk analysis and safety management system. (Decree 626/94) Human Resource training and awareness on Safety and data security
May 1995 – 1996    Software for Safety Management System:  IPSOA SpA, Sodeim/Standa Spa, Milano) Risk analysis and assessment accordino DLgs626/94 decree. Software package VR626 for security report and SMS (Decree 626/94) with incident statistics, automation of audit  scheduler planner and  graphical risk evaluation.