Working Papers
  1. Like Father, Like Son: Occupational Choice, Intergenerational Persistence and Misallocation (with Iacopo Morchio)     Conditionally accepted at Quantitative Economics
  2. Natural Unemployment and Activity Rates: Flow-based Determinants and Implications for Price Dynamics (with F. D'Amuri, M. De Philippis and E. Guglielminetti)
  3. Slack and Prices during Covid-19: Accounting for Labor Market Participation (with F. D'Amuri, M. De Philippis and E. Guglielminetti)    Submitted  
  4. Employment Prospects Across Generations and the Intergenerational Elasticity of Earnings (with Iacopo Morchio)
  5. The Optimal Allocation of Talent Across Generations (with Iacopo Morchio)    Draft coming soon!
  6. Structural Transformation and Growth: the role of Income Distribution
  7. Job Polarization in Developing Countries (with Maria Laura Sanchez Puerta and Hernan Winkler)
  8. Employment Prospects, Informal Job Search and Labor Productivity Differentials Across Italian Regions (with Iacopo Morchio)    New draft coming soon!

Work in progress

  1. The Flow Origins of the Gender Employment Gap: Assessing the Role of Fertility (with M. De Philippis)
  2. Geographic Mobility and Labor Market Dynamism (with G. Basso and F. Subioli)
  3. Occupational Mobility over the Life-cycle (with Carlos Carrillo-Tudela and Ludo Visschers)
  4. Occupational Choice and Family Background: the role of Borrowing Constraints (with Jan Stuhler)

Policy work & other work

  1. CIG: historical evolution, limitation and features, Bank of Italy, Occasional Papers n. 602/2021 (in italian)

  2. The Skill Content of Occupations Across Low and Middle Income Countries: Evidence from Harmonized Data (with Emanuele Dicarlo, Sebastian Monroy-Taborda, Ana Maria Oviedo, Maria Laura Sanchez Puerta, Indhira Vanessa Santos), IZA DP No. 10224