peace on earth,good will to men,said Jesus

I, Gloria Poole,RN, artist of Missouri  believe these words of JESUS to be what every believer should live by: 

"And JESUS came and spake unto them, saying, 'all power is given unto Me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in The Name of THE FATHER, and of THE SON, and of THE HOLY Ghost; teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you ; and lo, I AM with you always even unto the end of the world. " Matthew 28: 18-20, King James Holy Bible. The Southern Baptists call this scripture verse 'the great commission.

I also believe this: " and HE [JESUS] said unto them: 'go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not, shall be damned. " Mark 16: 15-16, King James Holy Bible. 

Update on 13-April-2014: I moved from zip code 80203 on Oct 31, 2009 and to Missouri but I was born in the state of Georgia. It is necessary to write that because I am not subject to censorship, as a U S citizen with first Amendment liberties. I am leaving much of this page intact for purposes of documentation:

This is the content that I added to my new blog today a few minutes ago at [ that was stolen from me by criminals who broke into my godaddy account] but that censored through prior restraint of Constitutionally protected religious speech. I am documenting that censorship here. I deleted the content off the blog AFTER  they allowed cybercriminals to hack into my account and the criminals deleted the top portion of the page and the template. Since it was obvious that criminals were signed in at the same time I was, I deleted it and added it here to be safe:  

About Doves of the Holy Spirit, birds and Scriptures how they affect one 

This is a new domain and a new blog for me. I like this template that was here for a few minutes before it vanished;  because I love to watch the doves as they walk about [birds do walk looking for food and it is quite quaint!];  and they sit on the light poles and I photograph them often. The doves remind me often of an event in my life years ago.  Years ago, when my youngest daughter was about  in 9th grade, and when I first began in my commitment to make a difference in the world for the cause of human life, I drove my daughter to school across town where she went to private school. But on the way back,I  ran out of gas in the car. I was like all harried mothers and 'flew' out the door to get her there on time, and when I ran out of gas,the car was about 1/2 mile from an exit ramp off I-285 in Gwinnett County GA. It was walking distance so I walked there to ask the gas station attendant if he had a gas can for me to get gas. He did, but I had no money in my purse so I thought I had my checkbook, but when I looked for it, I did not have it.  So I asked him if he would allow me to leave my gold ring from UGA there as collateral sort of til I got back with the money. He said no. He could not be responsible for gold jewelry.  I thought to myself, 'ok I know that there is a solution to this and I have to think on it." I walked back to my car and sat in driver's seat, and prayed. Then tried to think of a plan. I was still about 15 miles from home. Leigh was going to a school in Northeast Atlanta and she and I lived in Snellville Ga a tiny town in Gwinnett County. I had no husband --divorced that first time for long time while trying to raise my daughters [x 2] --so there really wasn't anyone I could call. Well, there was sort of, but I did not want to cause him great inconvenience of having to get off work when he just got there that day.  

  I am resourceful and I figured there was a solution. I sat behind the steering wheel for probably an hour, and I prayed again, and asked The Lord was is the plan?  When I quit stressing about it, and felt calm, peaceful again,and knew that it was not really a crisis to be stranded on the side of a road in a Volvo on the busy interstate without gas or money from my own stupidity, or hurry that day.  

 I remembered the scriptures in the Holy Bible about how we humans are more valuable to GOD than the sparrows yet GOD takes care of them. {Luke 12: 7} . The scripture just came into my mind suddenly as a reminder that I am important to GOD. That reassured me but I did not have a plan yet. I thought of another verse that says 'be still and know that I AM GOD {Psalms 46:10} and I understood that to mean that GOD had a plan even if I didn't.   I waited again. I thought on that verse about the sparrows and about that time I saw a tiny brown sparrow leap straight up into the air trying to tug a worm out of the ground. UP! He went like an arrow with the bit of the worm in his mouth dragging the earthworm from the dirt. I thought about the verse and I wondered how does that help me in this situation? I prayed again and I said how does that apply to me? I can't put earthworms in my gas tank.

   Probably another hour went by. I felt peaceful enough to push back and put head against the headrest thing that comes up high on Volvos and  I nearly went to sleep.  I was awakened by a tap on my window.  I was startled a bit, but I felt the  prompt of the Holy Spirit that it was all right to open window. I let the window down slightly and the man standing there said to me, 'are you stranded?" I said sort of sheepishly, yes, I ran out of gas. And he said, there's a gas station close by, I'll go get you some gas. I said, " I also ran out of money. I left my checkbook and money at home because I was in a hurry and did not realize how low the tank was.  He said, "I'll be glad to help you".  I said, I don't think it would look good and my grandmother always told me not to take money from any man I was not married too.  He said, 'well, huh".  He stood there by the car window and looked sort of in my car. I had some issues of the tiny magazine I was publishing on the back seat of car, and they were  called "Arise, Shine " [for THE LORD is come] that was publishing the gospel in small segments.  He said, 'are those issues of a magazine?" I said yes, sort of a homespun effort by me and Leigh to publish the gospel and I was to mail them when I got back home that day. She and I had created them, collated them, stapled them etc and they were to be mailed, and that was why I had them in the car. He said, how much do you charge for them? I said, "I don't charge for them. They publish the gospel and The Bible says make not my Father's house [place of worship] a house of merchandise.  He said, "I''ll buy them from you.' I said no, I had them promised. He said, ok how about if I buy one of them? For enough money to get you enough gas to get you back home? I said ok! And so GOD did provide through a total stranger who had compassion on me;  and it gave me the money to get gas to get back home, and then get more gas.   He had a gas can and I exchanged one copy of magazine for $2.50 to get gas, and borrowed the gas can, and got gas and walked back with it, and he put it in tank for me with a funnel he had.  And I got home safe and sound with reputation intact.  

  The template of this new blog has a bird in flight on it. Every time I walk about and see the birds I remember that whole event. I am reminded by the birds of how GOD provided for me that way in a safe, honorable way.  I photograph birds a lot now, and I love to watch them. They are fascinating in a way. I loved the sea gulls on St Simons Island when I lived there and how they would come right up to me with my hand outstretched toward them with bread. I also sometimes sketch them. *

  The church on the template reminds the world that a faith in THE GOD who is Majestic, ALMIGHTY, powerful, helps you to avoid the panic the world would give you. Be not afraid, for I have overcome the world, said JESUS. We live in times fraught with many dangers and in a nation that is depopulating and in decline spiritually. Sometimes when I am very afraid, I look at the painting I painted and named Dove of the Holy Spirit ** and I remember how GOD takes care of the birds, and then I am not so afraid.

  This blog will have teaching as a Registered Nurse [me] in time, but this is my intro for it. I put the teaching of mine as a Registered Nurse on this sites of mine: 


 I hope you enjoy the sketches, paintings and photos of birds. 

/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N. and artist, photographer, writer, woman, CHRISTIAN! [ Note: I began this in Denver Colorado 80203 BUT I MOVED TO MISSOURI IN OCT 2009 AND CONTINUE IT NOW FROM MY OWN APT.  See ]

Footnote: to see sketches I drew of birds in flight, visit  my genre photography sites at: and or 

I don't want to get sidetracked. 

** That painting [below]  on green background in tempera; and another one with a dove in front of the mountains,  is on other blogs of mine.  These are paintings I painted, signed  and photographed and added to sites. 

PS Before I forget I am moving soon to Missouri to be closer to my daughter Leigh and her husband Matt and my other daughter Jennifer and my sweet, most precious wonderful grandchildren, whom I adore. I am praying for happiness somewhere and a better life!  This is a heads-up on that but not to worry--I am continuing my on line works and paintings. I have done those so long it is in my blood so to speak. 

Also I am thrilled about moving to Missouri! And nearly 800 miles closer to my grown daughters and grandchildren!  Missouri is as beautiful as the state of Georgia,and they have a blue bridge that lights up the most gorgeous color of blue at night! They have rolling hills and lots of greenery and flowers. And the people there have always been nice to me. I have visited there several times since Leigh moved there before she got married and was just back from the Peace Corps. Also I remember when I was divorced the first time and started dating, the first guy I dated was from Missouri but living in Atlanta GA. He was so good looking! And exciting to me--he was an entrepreneur, building a business of inspecting homes that were in another era to be remodeled, and was a professional engineer. At that time, my dream was to buy one of those really elegant and beautiful architecture homes of the 19th century, and update the plumbing and heating but keep the architectural design and beauty of it. I talked at great length about that, but he told me 'Gloria, here's my advice about that after years in this business--take a million dollars, flush it down the toilet,and save yourself the wear and tear on your emotions to be done with that idea, and then buy modern plumbing and house." I was quite upset he said that because I still think that is a doable and some of those homes are built with architecture that could not be replaced with modern 'standards'. I still have fond memories of him however.  And he let my oldest daughter [who is Jennifer Borelli by her married name, now] when she was nine years old, drive his very expensive sports car, by letting her sit on his lap and hold the steering wheel while he was working the pedals. I did not know that at the time, but she got back home and was chattering about it so happy, and was absolutely delighted at "driving' his car. I on the other hand was stunned that he let her and I would not have consented to that if he had asked me. I thought he was just giving her a ride in the sort of car she had never seen before. Our car was more a family type car--boring but practical, functional, but his was total sports car--vroom,vroom, fast, glitzy. 

  I am also thrilled that my place will have a swimming pool! YEA, lucky lucky me! So I am thrilled to be moving at the end of this month, and I am moving everything with me! And will continue my missions works and my paintings,and my life there only better, much much better ! Update on 2 Sept 2014 at 5:27pm: I moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009 and much has happened in these past 4 years and 10 months. Read more about that on my blog in my former name when married a second time but divorced since Oct 2007]  at and on my blog in my actual, real name at 

The vanishing template is the usual persecution from for me. The took away the template on the services I pay for  that is routinely given to all their other customers; because they don't like Christians, but I keep hoping that maybe they will read some of what I write and then they would hire some righteous people. 

Most of this page was written 5:58 PM 10/10/2009; and I am leaving it as it was on purpose but adding in new content too with the date. 

Here are two of my paintings as I mentioned of birds, and below that are two of my sketches of birds of different sorts. I still draw and sketch birds often. You can see some of my art on my <P>