Saint Anne's Tenant & Resident Association

A Tenant and Resident Association that covers the St Anne's area of Luton.                         
(From Haddon Road through to Somerset Avenue - see: Map of our area )

OUR NEXT MEETING: Wednesday 30th November 2011
LOCATION: St Anne's Church (small hall)
TIME: 7.30pm
This meeting is open to ALL residents of our area.

The area is in need of council attention and the TARA committee is interested 
in hearing the views of the local community. 

Is there a local issue which you can't sort out on your own?
Maybe you have your own ideas on how to improve our area ...?
Please get in touch with us and let the committee try and help.

Abbotswood Park
Luton Borough Council has signed a Legal Agreement with a Property Developer to build a housing development on Abbotswood Park.
Please have your say about Abbotswood Park


We currently have a survey online.
If you live in the SATARA area, please visit it and fill it out: SATARA Survey


If you're on Facebook, we also have a Facebook Group at:     

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