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Click on the MAP LINKS below to view and explore SRWW Maps!

A Google Map site that displays SRWW monitoring sites and sampling results.  You can click on the site list on the left or click on a site shown on the map, and toggle between map and imagery views to explore the area near your site.

If you have questions or would like additional maps posted, please Contact Us

 Map LinkDescription
2019 Monitoring Sites & Data
2019 SRWW Monitoring Sites and Results.
2018 Monitoring Sites & Data2018 SRWW Monitoring Sites and Results.  
2017 SRWW Monitoring Sites & Results2017 SRWW Monitoring Sites and Spring, Summer and Fall sampling results are now accessible through one map!
2016 SRWW Monitoring Sites2016 SRWW Monitoring Sites
2016 SRWW Spring E. Coli2016 SRWW Spring Bacteria Results
2016 Summer E. Coli2016 SRWW Summer Bacteria Results
2016 SRWW Fall Results
2016 SRWW Fall Nutrient Results
2015 SRWW Monitoring Sites2015 SRWW Monitoring Sites
2015 SRWW Spring E. Coli2015 SRWW Spring Bacteria Results
2015 SRWW Summer E. Coli2015 SRWW Summer Bacteria Results
2014 & 2015 SRWW Fall Un-Ionized Ammonia
2014 & 2015 SRWW Fall Un-ionized Ammonia.  Results were compared to the KY criterion of 50 ug/l un-ionized ammonia.
SRWW Beargrass Creek Monitoring SitesSRWW Beargrass Creek Monitoring Sites  2016-03-29
2014 SRWW Monitoring Sites
2014 SRWW Monitoring Sites
2014 SRWW Spring E. Coli 
2014 SRWW Spring Bacteria Results
2014 SRWW Summer E. Coli
2014 SRWW Summer Bacteria Results
2014 Stream Habitat and Bug Results2014 SRWW Stream Habitat and Benthic Macroinvertebrate (Bug) Results
2013 SRWW Spring Bacteria
2013 SRWW Spring Bacteria Results
2013 SRWW Summer E. Coli
2013 SRWW Summer Bacteria Results
Floyds Fork Bacteria Study 2013 & 2015SRWW Floyds Fork Monitoring Sites (2013  and Results (2013 & 2015) and Parklands  of Floyds Fork Canoe Launches