Steering Committee & Contacts

The SRWW Steering Committee meets on the second Wednesday of every month from 7 PM to 8 PM Eastern time via conference call.  To call in, dial  866.754.7476, then the participant code: 1041166102#. Meetings and participation on Steering Committee are open to all SRWW Volunteers.  Topics typically include:

·         Sampling Events

·         Newsletters

·         Website

·         Membership

·         Fundraising

·         Conference Planning

SRWW Volunteers are welcome to call in just to listen, to discuss a topic of interest to them or to participate on Steering Committee.    If you are interested in participating in SRWW conference call, please Contact Us.

 Month  Agenda Summary Month   Agenda Summary
 January Agenda 1/19 Summary 1/19 July Agenda 7/18 Summary 7/18
 February Agenda 2/19 Summary 2/19 August Agenda 8/18 Summary 8/18
 March Agenda 3/18 Summary 3/18 September Agenda 9/18 Summary 9/18
 April Agenda 4/18 Summary 4/18 October Agenda 10/18 Summary 10/18
 May Agenda 5/18 Summary 5/18 November Agenda 11/18 Summary 11/18
 June TIAA Application NA  December  

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Member NameTelephoneEmailRole
Member NameTelephoneEmailRole
Angela Page 502-299-4013 Environmental Education 
Dale Booth 502-564-3410 KY Division of Water Salt River Basin Coordinator 
David Wicks (502) 671-3595 Environmental Education 
Dr. Greg Kuhns 502-893-3383 Member 
Hart Hagan 502-303-8293 (Cell) Outreach Coordinator 
JoAnn Palmer 502-782-7032  KY Division of Water Watershed Watch Coordinator, Area Coordinator - East 
Karen Schaffer 502-298-1932 (Cell) Science Coordinator, Area Coordinator - West 
Phil Bevins (502) 742-0528 Area Coordinator, South 
Russ Barnett 502-418-3896 Founding Member 
Tamara Sluss (502) 529-1602  
Showing 10 items