About Salt River Watershed Watch

Salt River Watershed Watch is a group of citizens who monitor streams, rivers and springs in the Salt River Watershed.  

If you live or work in one of these counties and are interested in the streams and rivers in your area, Salt River Watershed Watch wants your help!  Click HERE to join.

Clean water is important to everyone, for fishing, boating, drinking water supplies and irrigation.  Volunteer monitoring of streams, rivers, lakes and springs is an important way to supplement monitoring conducted by Kentucky Division of Water and other organizations.  Salt River Watershed Watch volunteers collect samples more often and in more places than agencies are able to monitor. 
Salt River Watershed Watch monitoring data has been used to make changes that improve water quality!  See the Success Stories page.

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How does it work?

Salt River Watershed Watch volunteers are trained to collect water quality samples from streams and rivers. 
You do not need a science background or previous experience to become a volunteer monitor!
Volunteers receive training and sampling kits free of charge.

Volunteers select a river, stream or spring to sample and 
collect samples three times per year: spring, summer and fall. 

Samples are analyzed in a laboratory.  Results are provided to volunteers with an explanation of water quality in their stream.
Monitoring results are available on the Resources page.

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